What Does “You don’t have this emoji” Mean on TikTok?

The “You don’t have this emoji” comment has taken over TikTok as of April 1st, 2022.

This comment appears on almost every video on the “For You” tab.

A triangle and a smiling face emoji are included in the comment.

“You don’t have this emoji,” the comment reads.

But what does the remark mean?

This unpleasant comment may surprise you, whether you’re a novice or an experienced TikTok user.

You’ll learn what “You don’t have this emoji” on TikTok means, where it came from, and some copypastas in this post.

  • What does “You don’t have this emoji” mean on TikTok?
  • Where did “You don’t have this emoji” come from?
  • You don’t have this emoji copy and paste

What does “You don’t have this emoji” mean on TikTok?

The tendency of saying, “You don’t have this emoji,” is self-explanatory and worthless.

It features a giddy face with a triangle emoji, which is a rare emoji.

Because the emoji does not appear on the emoji keyboard, this is the case.

You’ll need to combine the grinning emoji with a triangle symbol to make that emoji.

The emoji will appear like this when they’re joined.

The comment is nothing more than a copypasta that has been seen on every TikTok video.

It expresses something along the lines of “You don’t have this, but I do!”

The irony is that anyone may copy and paste the comment.

To put it another way, everyone now knows what an emoji is and how to preserve it.

Where did “You don’t have this emoji” come from?

A copypasta started the “You don’t have this emoji” fad.

It’s unclear who started making the TikTok statement, but it’s suddenly become a trend.

Many Twitter users have expressed their displeasure with the recent TikTok comments.

Since TikTok’s inception, comments like “You don’t have this emoji” have been common.

A copypasta is a piece of text that has been copied and pasted several times.

It even has its subreddit (r/copypasta), which has over 960,000 users.

The idea is that if someone sees anything fascinating, they will begin copying and pasting it.

Before making their way to TikTok, copypastas were first prominent on Twitch.

Unfortunately, because TikTok’s users are so readily influenced, obnoxious comments like “You don’t have this emoji” will continue to dominate.

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You don’t have this emoji copy and paste

  • You don’t have this emoji😅⃤
  • You don’t have this emoji🧿⃤
  • 🔥⃤🦆⃤😈⃤😅⃤ 🧲⃤ 🧿⃤
  • 🧪⃤ 🧸⃤ 🥟⃤ 🥮⃤ 🦧⃤ 🦕⃤
  • 🎅🏿⃤ 🦟⃤ 🦚⃤ 🧉⃤ 🥡⃤ 🥄⃤


One of the worst aspects of TikTok, in my opinion, is comments like “You don’t have this emoji.”

It’s tedious, pointless, and degrades every comment area.

“Crop,” “storytime?” and “chupagetti” are among the other comments.

There is, however, no mechanism to prevent TikTok users from copying and pasting obnoxious comments.

You aren’t a “boomer” if you don’t comprehend these comments because they are mostly meaningless.

For the time being, we’ll have to wait till the trend stops.

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