According to User Reviews, the Amazon Appstore for Windows 11 is off to a Rocky Start

The Amazon Appstore in Windows 11 now allows users to download Android apps. The feature is currently in preview and includes more than 1,000 apps, but the readers of Windows Central don’t appear to be taking advantage of it. Windows 11 users who took part in our weekend poll reported using the Amazon Appstore less than five times per month.

The Amazon Appstore was largely ignored by our readers for a variety of reasons. Because they reside outside the country, more than 46% of eligible voters are unable to participate. Another 8.33 percent of users are unable to use the application because their computers do not meet the minimum requirements.

It appears that not even those who have access to the Amazon Appstore are eager to give it a shot. More than a quarter of respondents said they never use the Amazon Appstore, and more than 14 percent said they use it infrequently. Only 4.15 percent of those surveyed said they frequently used Amazon Appstore apps.
Amazon’s Appstore is at least partially to blame for the lack of enthusiasm. “It’s all about games at the moment. Apps aren’t worth my time for me “According to a comment left by SDKevind on our poll,

In the Amazon Android App store, “I installed it and looked at the apps, but there is nothing I’ll use right now,” said Johnny4.

Some people used Bluestacks or sideloaded apps instead of the Amazon Appstore. As Hanley Gibbons put it, “I’ve never opened the Amazon Appstore since I installed the Google Play Store and Google services.” This app store was useless to me because it seemed like Amazon’s only app was the Kindle app, and all the games were either very old or aimed at children.

Support for the Amazon Appstore is still in its pre-release stage on Windows 11, so it’s possible that things will change. When it comes to getting Android apps on Windows PCs, the Amazon Appstore may only be one piece of the puzzle. As part of the Your Phone app for Windows 11, users can sync applications from Android devices that are compatible with Windows 11. On a PC, it is also possible to install Android apps by sideloading.

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