What is Dead Island 2 Release Date?, Trailers, Gameplay, and More

It’s hard to believe, but Dead Island 2 is not only in development but will be released. A story almost a decade in the making, for those who have followed the rocky road of this title. Although it was first announced in 2014, work on Dead Island 2 has stalled twice before a new team took over. Most people undoubtedly thought the game was canceled long ago, but those who stuck with it saw their patience rewarded.

Even though the leaks dampened the atmosphere surrounding Dead Island 2’s major re-reveal at Gamescom 2022, it still seems to be a game that is considered superior to what its troubled past would lead you to assume. After all the changes in the gaming industry and the time it took to make this zombie game, many players may be confused as to the hype surrounding it. Prepare to shatter some zombie skulls with a blunt tool as we run down all we know about Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 Release date

Nearly 10 years passed between the first announcement and the final product’s release, but we fell short. Assuming no further postponements, Dead Island 2 is scheduled for release on February 3, 2023.

Dead Island 2 Platforms

Dead Island 2 will be available on every console and PC that it is technically possible to be. It will be released next year for the PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. I’m sorry, Switch owners.

dead island 2
dead island 2

Dead Island 2 Trailers

In addition to being little more than cinematic, the original 2014 reveal video was created for a game that was being developed by an entirely different studio, therefore we won’t be discussing it here. What we’re interested in seeing is the clip that was shown during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live in 2022, where the game was announced.

An entirely wrecked living room with a view of a pool is seen in the first pre-rendered shots. The floor is littered with empty wine bottles, beer goblets, cigarette ends, crushed cans, and other relics of a good time. Suddenly, a hand reaches out, and a man sitting on the couch snaps out of his slumber. He looks around, gets something to drink, and examines his reflection. His bloodshot eyes could be a sign of infection or exhaustion.

The man picks up a gun at the exit, surveys an unseen tableau of dead bodies, and then exits the building. He draws the attention of the undead, and after breaking his wine bottle into the first zombie’s head, he proceeds to the club and then uses his homemade bayonet to slaughter the subsequent horde.

The setting shifts from the beach to the city, where the protagonist sets a group of zombies on fire by flicking his cigarette into a pool of leaking gas.

Our next stop is at a convenience shop, where we stock up on booze, drugs, and munchies. Our “hero” crushes the legless zombie into a bloody mess by dragging a shelf down on it as it tries to make a hopeless attack.

Our hero has returned to the original chamber and is settling back into his couch when he is interrupted by the shambling entrance of a single zombie. As he sighs, he reaches inside his pocket to check what’s there. He loads his weapon with a single round and fires. Zombies don’t usually burst like this, therefore it’s safe to assume this isn’t a standard bullet. The man unwillingly gets up to go for another run, this time stopping by the closet to get a katana after realizing the remote has no batteries.

Before the title card appears, he is shown greeting two other survivors on the street with a kind wave.

For the time being, we just know the story’s bare bones.

In Dead Island 2, you take control of one of six playable individuals in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles (laugh all you want about the city not being an island). The military has decided to stop trying to eradicate the virus and instead has quarantined the entire city. Yet, your character is infected too; however, for some reason, you are not bitten and turned into a zombie.

The goal of the game is to stay alive while investigating the source of the pandemic, your immunity, and potential solutions. The gameplay is really basic and unimaginative for a zombie game, but perhaps the story improves.

Dead Island 2 Gameplay

Dead Island 2 was not content to return with only a cinematic trailer; instead, a full gameplay trailer was released during Gamescom to demonstrate the game’s existence.

We begin by seeing the game’s stunning but desolate environments, such as crumbled streets and graffiti-covered sewers, before shifting to a first-person perspective to see a man’s head peek through a boarded-up window.

Following a few jarring transitions that seem to mark story beats, we are treated to a series of montages featuring various methods of inflicting bodily harm onto zombies, including but not limited to ramming items into their brains; kicking; stabbing, and slicing. Thrown weapons, environmental hazards like electric boxes and gas trucks, and good old-fashioned weaponry and hand-to-hand warfare are all on display.

Some handguns, medium machine guns, and assault rifles are also present. There appears to be a lot greater variety of melee weapons in this area, though it is difficult to identify what each one is due to the speed with which they are swung and the depth to which they penetrate zombie skulls.

Every bit of bloody detail that Deep Silver claims make Dead Island 2 “the most immersive, visceral, and violent first-person experience possible” is on full display in the game’s teaser.

Dead Island 2 features six playable characters, up from four in the original game. Every playable character, like in the original game, has their own unique set of skills, abilities, voice lines, and personalities. So yes, we know nothing about the characters or what sets them apart.

Dead Island 2 Multiplayer

No of the genre, a cooperative mode is a must in any zombie game. Dead Island 2 appears to be dialing back the online co-op from the original game’s maximum of four players to a more manageable three. Since this is at its core a role-playing game with a tonne of missions, loot, and plain old exploring to do, having others join you is likely to be the biggest draw. Nonetheless, several significant open questions need to be addressed.

We don’t know if this game will follow Dead Island’s lead and make players play the first several hours alone before unlocking co-op play. In addition, in the original game, co-op players could assume the roles of the original characters. Real concerns, however, concern issues of interplay and development. As of this writing, we have no idea if cross-platform play will be possible, nor if or how co-op progress will be saved or transferred to the single-player mode.

Dead Island 2 Pre-order

You can now pre-order all three Dead Island 2 editions from the game’s official website! Digital versions are available in Standard, Deluxe, and Gold tiers, while physical releases include Day One, Pulp, and Hell-A Editions, each of which includes unique material and souvenirs.

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