What Is CCC.exe And Why Is It Running On My PC

What Is CCC.exe And Why Is It Running On My PC: You might be reading the article because you are frustrated that the process goes by the name CCC.exe is killing lots of memory. You might be looking for methods to remove CCC.exe.

In this article, we are going to explain what the process actually is. The process is known as Catalyst Control Center. It’s a utility that comes with AMD video card drivers. In simple word, if you are searching for “is CCC.exe virus” then let me tell you that you won’t ever have to worry about it.

If you have recently installed AT Technology/ AMD drivers on your Windows computer and as long as the drivers are still there on your PC, it’s a legit process that can be left alone.

Well, the process doesn’t harm your computer and it just checks for the driver updates for your video card and also manages the operation of your installed video card.

You can right-click anywhere on your desktop and will see a Catalyst Control Center option on the top. If you enter the Catalyst Control Center you can change the display resolution, desktop area and the screen refresh rate.

However, if you are having an AMD video card, then you can install just the driver, without Catalyst Control Center. Basically, you will find CCC.exe on Program Files(x86)/ATI Technologies folder. However, if it shows up in the different location, then it might be a malware.

So, this is all about Catalyst Control Center (CCC.exe). Hope this article helped you!

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