What Is Bayonetta 3 Release Date? Platforms, Development, Story, Gameplay And More Facts

Since the announcement of Bayonetta 3 in 2017, details on the highly anticipated sequel have been limited. Finally, this year, Nintendo and PlatinumGames pulled back the veil to reveal Bayonetta 3’s release date and give fans a look at the game.

New information about Bayonetta 3 keeps pouring in as the game’s release date draws nearer. There has been new gameplay showcasing Bayonetta’s skill set and battle style, the introduction of the new safe-for-work option called Naive Angel, and intriguing hints about what we might expect from the story.

This page will be continuously updated with any new information or official details published by Nintendo regarding Bayonetta 3. Here you can learn when Bayonetta 3 will be released, have a look at some gameplay footage, and find out which platforms it will be compatible with.

What Is Bayonetta 3 Release Date?

On October 28, 2022, Bayonetta 3 will be released. The date was announced earlier this year, and everything indicates that it will be a good one for the game’s release. Delays are inevitable, but perhaps we can all play Bayonetta 3 by Halloween.

bayonetta 3 release date
bayonetta 3 release date

Bayonetta 3 Platforms

The Nintendo Switch is the only platform on which to play Bayonetta 3. This signifies that this is the exclusive launch location. There has been a console-only policy in place ever since Bayonetta 2, and the series has not made it to PC or any other platforms. That won’t likely change with Bayonetta 3’s release.

Bayonetta 3 Gameplay

Only a little sample of Bayonetta 3’s gameplay has been seen so far. As part of the announcement of the game’s release date, this was shown off, showcasing the game’s vast diversity of gameplay features. There’s a turret gun firing action on a moving train, an enemy-riding minigame, and a lot of traveling through massive cities.

Bayonetta 3 story

While PlatinumGames has been tight-lipped on Bayonetta 3’s plot, rumors have circulated about the charming witch’s upcoming voyage. The official website for Bayonetta 3 provides a high-level summary of the story: “Among the destroyed streets of Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood, Bayonetta makes an elegant debut after being attacked by mysterious life forms that look neither angelic nor demonic. I don’t understand why she would be in Tokyo. How widespread is this new foe’s invasion, anyway?”

An Australian classification board’s rating for Bayonetta 3(opens in new tab) also seems to have revealed some new information about the game’s plot: “Bayonetta 3 is an action-adventure game in which human characters travel through a series of fantasy environments, battling monsters called Homunculi and an evil being known as Singularity.” To stop Singularity from obliterating the inhabited planets, “players must make their way to an island, Thule.”

Bayonetta 3 development

The third installment in PlatinumGames’ Bayonetta series, which debuted in 2009, is titled simply Bayonetta 3. Game director Hideki Kamiya drew inspiration from his prior work, such as the Devil May Cry series, for this release. This is a hack-and-slash set in a universe where angels known as Lumen Sages and witches of the Umbra side are at odds. Bayonetta is an amnesiac witch who fights her way through waves of foes to save the world, all the while befriending a cast of endearing supporting characters.

2014’s Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U was a sequel to the first game that expanded on the game’s signature catchy combat, added several mythological deities, and won over even more players with its sharp visuals and well-rounded cast of characters. Since then, Bayonetta has been patiently waiting in the background for her triumphant reappearance. Now is a wonderful moment to jump into the series and catch up on the story, as the previous two games were converted to the Nintendo Switch in February of 2018, and a remastered port of Bayonetta launched on PS4 and Xbox One in February of 2020.

After being revealed as a Nintendo Switch exclusive in 2019, the first gameplay trailer for Bayonetta 3 was published in 2021. PlatinumGames hasn’t shared much information about the game with the public since then. This is the most recent substantial update, with producer Hideki Kamiya saying(opens in new tab):


“There will be a day when you can hold and play Bayonetta 3, and that day will come. You can relax and wait for further details; I guarantee that the experience we provide will far exceed your highest expectations.”

Bayonetta 3 Trailer

A brief trailer for Bayonetta 3 was released last year, and a new gameplay trailer for the game was released not too long ago. For a glimpse at the show’s future tone, watch the clip provided below.

Naive Angel mode

An unusual new mode for Bayonetta 3 was just announced by PlatinumGames. It’s dubbed “Naive Angel Mode,” and it’s just a tame version of the game that’s appropriate to play at the office. This means that there will be a reduction in graphic sexual content and that mature content will be obscured.

File size

A nintendo.com listing reveals that Bayonetta 3 will need about 15GB of storage space to install. Make sure you have enough space on your Switch or plan to use external storage before you try to download this.

So far, that’s everything we can tell you about Bayonetta 3. Check out our story on PlatinumGames’ new CEO for more information about the game.

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