What is a Slovenian Divorce Dress?

As soon as it came out, I went on the hunt for this dress, and I was not disappointed. It’s easy for me to picture myself in this dress because of its one-of-a-kind design. Dresses with bold patterns and bright details are my absolute favorite. This one is stylish for the warmer months thanks to its floral print.

When I put this dress on, the first thing I noticed was how stunning I looked. It’s a floral dress with a wide skirt that hits at the middle of the calf. Great for warm weather, its wide skirt flares out slightly more than that of most other dresses. A well-fitting dress is all that’s needed to pull off this incredibly flattering look.

I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere before, but I’ll have to go back and search Wikipedia with more specificity. According to Wikipedia, the first person to wear this was the Italian socialite Giulia Bufalini, who married Count Nikolaus von Bufala in 1824.

The dress also seems to have been influenced by the Count’s wedding ceremony.

However, how the Count married his wife (and, by extension, the wedding dress that he originally designed for his son) is not at all attributable to how the Count married his wife. Giulia Bufalini wore the wedding gown that the Count had custom-made for his first wife.

what is a slovenian divorce dress
what is a slovenian divorce dress

The Count’s son wore an identical gown to the one his father wore on his wedding day. The Count’s son may not have been handsome, but at least the bride looked lovely in her wedding dress. The Count’s son wore a stunning dress.

One flaw in this comparison is that the Counts’ son has been married to the same woman for over two decades. That doesn’t make him the Count’s son or even close. That does not evidence that she transformed. The Count’s son and the Count’s son are not necessarily the same person. Not that the Count’s son and the Count’s son are the same people.

Yes. Despite your claim that it is “a very fair analogy,” it is not. Although the Count’s son and the Count’s son are not the same individuals, one could make the case that the Count’s son is more similar to the Count’s son than the Count’s son.

Though the comparison isn’t perfect, one could make the case that the Count’s son isn’t the same person as the Count’s son because, well, he’s not the Count’s son.

I’ve been receiving a lot of death threats recently, so I decided to make this video slightly more morbid. Everything is tasteful, but I find it telling that you have to read the whole thing before you can convince yourself that it’s not funny.

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