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This Sunday in the peak of the Season 5 season of the SEAL Team (co-produced by David Boreanaz), Bravo had a tough decision to make before his biggest strike against the Venezuelan nukes program.

By the time we last listened, Clay and Ray had insulted Jason for the truth about his role in the collapse of a Mali building where Bravo was staying at a medical clinic. After choosing to give up, Jay realized the truth – and with the help of Ray and a former SEAL named Marc Lee, he looked at the “light” with the cactus juice that worked the brain.

Falling into that odyssey, there was a new, acceptable relationship between Clay, Ray and Jason (who after caring for the matter when they returned home, “still has 20 more years” left for him). Indeed, Jason even decided to tell the whole truth to Bravo, including Davis, about his work in Mali and the memory problems. No one spoke of any deception or was able to reconsider; everything is the same, Davis just wondered who knew when, after which Sonny had some information about Clay leaving her baby at NICU home, to watch Jason and Bravo six.
With the new intel approaching the uranium enrichment office of the Venezuelan people, Jason advises Bravo siblings to meet privately to discuss whether they should abandon the common goal, continue without him, or continue, BAU . As the boys chatted, Davis and Jason stared at each other, Lisa stating that she still smelled the stench of her white paper – however likely Jason’s TBI, he says, made it clear he had made the best choice, which made him realize the need to focus on those who oppose conflict.
The rest of Bravo gathered Jason, to report that they expected him to read to him about the dubious plan of beating him to be a piece of it. Arranged for Bravo (more than Smith, as it will definitely be over capacity / exhausted) to enter the mobile industry using a truck, which should pull 800 lbs. heart-wrenching power Sonny has worked hard to hit eight points / flapjack office refinement. Davis is currently going to complete as an overwatch, alone, from a van parked outside. Things started to get worse when Jason and Clay found a security guard, who arrested him and put him in Davis’ van. That triggers what happens when Davis pulls out a robot, and a frightened prisoner tries to escape. After Davis forces her back into the van and leaves, she realizes that the bag used to cover her head has been lost – and is quickly found by the VSP foot watch.
Therefore, Bravo drag and case services are prevented from the appearance of the various VSPs provided. Here, Jason decides on a very important decision – for Clay to lead the shooting in the street, joined by Brock and Smith, while Jay, Ray and Sonny remain to wrap up the charges. Dirt, Brock and Smith do not kill the main wave when Sonny realizes that there are nine aid segments, so they are short on one charge. Preferred to use their truck to get in / out of that extra part, it’s up to Bravo now to get out on foot – and a second VSP chase for them. Davis is currently approaching a new exfil site, and understands that their departure will be blocked by a heavy metal entry.
As the weapons come slowly, Bravo finds out how to remove the VSP, to find a way to get the remaining metal between them and to get out quickly. No matter what happens, all of a sudden, the entrance is shot into its pivots with a hitch attached to the back of Davis’ van. All of a sudden, they were in a pickup truck and were waiting to leave Hell in Venezuela. Unfortunately, as soon as that wish was granted they saw a few neighbors’ cars, cherries coming out, headed for them …

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