Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season 2 Information

The Warzone Pacific Season 2 update has been released! Warzone Pacific’s new season is just around the corner, so you might be wondering what to expect from the game in the coming days and weeks. New maps, weapons, vehicles, and play modes will be available soon.

Nebula V, the deadly gas that’s about to shake things up on Caldera, and several of this season’s new additions are tied to it, you may have already heard. Even in Vanguard and Warzone, we’re getting three new operators who make up the dread Task Force Yeti. Here’s what you need to know about Season 2 of Warzone Pacific.

When is the Warzone Pacific Season 2 release date? 

Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific will begin at 9 a.m. PT/5 p.m. GMT on February 14. The new season was originally scheduled for release at the beginning of February, but it was announced last month that the delay had been implemented.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 new weapons 

Season 2 will bring a slew of new weapons. In Season 2, players will be able to purchase the KG M40 Assault Rifle and Whitley LMG as part of the battle pass, but the Ice Axe and Armaguerra 43 SMG will have to wait.

What’s this about Nebula V? 

In the same way that poisonous fumes chase you into the circle, Nebula V is a gas that causes damage over time, coughing, and blurred vision for anyone who comes into contact with it. It’s a nasty substance, so someone had to use it in a battle.

Ammunition classified as a Field Upgrade is called Nebula V ammo. In terms of raw power, the bullet is no more potent than standard ammo, but it does release a lethal gas when it hits an opponent, making it impossible for teammates to revive the victim.

A new Nebula V bomb is expected to be discovered on Caldera in the near future. The briefcase will go off in a matter of seconds and cannot be disarmed or destroyed once it has been placed. The gas it emits will last for a few minutes before dispersing, so it should be an effective method of securing certain areas or doorways to prevent unauthorised entry. The new Field Equipment, Portable Decontamination Station can help counteract the effects of Nebula V, but only if you have the new Field Equipment.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 map changes 

Map changes in Season 2 are also influenced by Nebula V gas. The Chemical Factory, which creates the deadly gas, will be located in the refinery on Caldera, midway between the Mines and the Docks.

More valuable loot can be found in the seven different underground chemical weapon research labs hidden around Caldera.

warzone pacific season 2
warzone pacific season 2

Also, new Armored Transport Trucks will be deployed to patrol a predetermined path, dropping mines as they go. If the vehicle’s health drops too low, it will attack nearby operators and summon air support. If you manage to take down one, you’ll be rewarded with a substantial amount of money.

Who are Task Force Yeti?

The formidable Task Force Yeti will be making its debut in both Warzone Pacific Season 2 and Vanguard. In the battle, each soldier brings a unique skill set to the table. The following is a short biography of each of them:

Austrian resistance fighter Anna Drake, who is at home in the mountains.
World War I and World War II tank driver Thomas Bolt was a Spanish-American.
“Smoking Cobras” member Gustavo Dos Santos was a wealthy playboy who became a soldier.

New vehicles in Warzone Pacific Season 2 

In Warzone’s Vanguard modes, the Bomber Plane will be fully capable of taking out anti-air guns and even loadout drops. Players will have an easier time taking down the Bomber Plane and the existing Fighter Plane now that their “health” has been reduced as part of the upcoming update.

For those who don’t want to risk repositioning themselves on the map, Redeploy Balloon is an option. You can jump and re-deploy your parachute to your desired location on the map after ascending via zipline. Even though these balloons can deflate, you may have to spend some money on a new one.

New modes 

Season 2 will see the introduction of two new limited-time modes. This month, Warzone will see the return of Iron Trials, which will be taking place on Rebirth Island rather than the main battle royale map.

There are two modes of play in Caldera: Caldera Clash and Verdansk Clash. You’ll be able to jump in with custom loadouts at the start of Season 2 and participate in a kind of deathmatch where kills mean points.

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