Unforgotten season 5: Release date Speculation, Cast and Latest news

Following the heartbreaking season 4 finale of Unforgotten – which saw the death of DCI Cassie Stewart (Nicola Walker) – the crime thriller will return to ITV for a fifth season.

And now it’s been revealed who will be taking over for Walker in season 5, with Sinéad Keenan (Showtrial, Little Blue Boy) taking up the role of the eponymous character.

As DI Sunny Khan, the actress joins the Unforgotten cast, which is led by actor Sanjeev Chaska in the role.

During an interview with RadioTimes.com, Chaska highlighted what we may expect from Unforgotten season 5 in light of the shocking events that occurred during the previous season.

“The plot will pick up shortly after the conclusion of the previous storey,” he explained. “There is a relationship between that storey and this one.”

He went on to say that he considered himself “very privileged” to be a part of the crime drama.

“This one has been written by Chris Lang, who has written all of them,” he continued. As for reading the scripts, it’s extremely thrilling. It’s a little strange not seeing Nicola’s character there, but I’ve seen Nicola two or three times in the last couple of months, during Christmas, I believe.” As a result, we communicate frequently.”

Continuing, Bhaskar said, “Given that, you know, in series 1, neither I nor anyone else had any idea how this would work out in terms of, you know, the castings and the writing and the directing, I go into series 5 with a great deal of faith in whoever is coming in.”

“And the actors who will be joining us will be cast in the same way that they were in the previous four episodes.” As a result, you should be aware that working alongside, opposite, and with people of that calibre can be quite rewarding. “It also helps to keep me on my toes.”

Here’s everything we know so far about Unforgotten’s fifth season, including who will be returning to the cast and what will take place in the upcoming season.

Unforgotten season 5 release date speculation

ITV has not yet confirmed when the fifth season of Unforgotten will premiere on our television screens – but we should not have to wait nearly as long as we did for season four.

Before series four, it took approximately a year and a half for each series to appear on ITV, with the first, second, and third seasons premiering in 2015, 2017, and 2018, respectively. Despite this, there was a significant gap between series three and four, which was partly due to filming delays caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Given the success of the last season, we expect that Unforgotten will be back on our television screens by September/October 2022, assuming that COVID-19 does not cause major delays in the production schedule.

Creator Chris Lang stated that he would be returning to Unforgotten season five in a tweet made in July 2021 – while characters with keen eyes may notice a reference to the character “Faith” in the same message. Is it possible that this is the name of the Unforgotten replacement for Nicola Walker’s character?

“Nicola and writer Chris Lang determined that Cassie’s tale would come to an end last night, but that Unforgotten would continue, in series five, with a new case, and a new ‘Partner in Crime’ for DI Sunny Khan,” the broadcaster ITV said in an earlier tweet.

Sanjeev Bhaskar, who plays Detective Sunny Khan in the series, expressed his delight at the opportunity “On Twitter, she expressed her “delight” at the news of Unforgotten’s recommissioning, writing: “I’ll continue to watch and learn from #NicolaWalker as I have for the past five years, beaming with pride as my friend achieves success in everything she does.” She’s a personal and national treasure, to say the least.”

Unforgotten season 5 cast

Sanjeev Bhaskar, who played DI Sunil ‘Sunny’ Khan in season three of The Kumars at No. 42, will reprise his role in season four.

After her character, DCI Cassie Stuart, met a tragic end at the end of series four, Walker will unfortunately not be reprising her role.

Walker will be replaced by Sinéad Keenan, who will appear in Unforgotten as DCI Jessica James, a new character created by the show’s writers.

Walking Dead star Allison Walker recently disclosed that the decision to kill off her character has been in the works since season three of the show.

“After Season 3, we had a lot of discussions about where the show should go, and we concluded a team. During Season 3, I believe there were hints that something was going on ” she explained.

“Unforgotten is the title of the show, and I believe there is a great deal of narrative beauty in this woman’s performance. She will not be forgotten, I promise you. Because she was a real person, I had the impression that she was quietly quite unusual on television.”

Others who will reprise their roles as Sunny’s police colleagues in the upcoming series include Jordan Long (DS Murray Boulting), Lewis Reeves (DC Jake Collier), Carolina Main (DS Fran Lingley), Georgia Mackenzie (Dr Leanne Balcombe), and Pippa Nixon (DC Karen Willetts), as well as Sunny’s now-fiancee Sal (Michelle Bonnard).

Cassie’s father Martin (Peter Egan), her son Adam (Jassa Ahluwalia), her partner John (Alastair Mackenzie), or Martin’s partner Jenny (Janet Dibley) are all expected to appear on the show following Cassie’s death – but it’s uncertain whether or not we’ll see them. However, they may stop by Sunny’s station to say hello.

There has also been no word on whether or if additional cast members will be joining Sunny’s team to play the suspects, victims, and family involved in Sunny’s latest case. Nevertheless, based on the fantastic line-ups we’ve seen in previous seasons, as well as the enormous success of Series 4, we expect high-profile actors to be clamouring for these roles.


Unforgotten season 5 plot

In the premiere episode of Unforgotten season 5, we will see the clock ticking down to DCI Jess’ (Keenan) first day in her new position.

According to a preview on ITV: “Will Jess be in the right frame of mind to deliver and motivate the team if she is determined to make a positive first impression with her new colleagues?

“And, unavoidably, how will the spirit of Cassie Stuart, a much-loved former colleague, follow her around? After all, Cassie will be a difficult person to follow in her footsteps. Is she capable of living up to the high standards set by her much regarded and respected predecessor in terms of resolve, professionalism, and spirit?

“The finding of human remains in a freshly refurbished period property in Hammersmith, London, is Jess’s first case and she is the investigator. The question is, how long have they been there, and is this a murder that took place in the 1930s, or has the body been disposed of in more recent years?”


What happened at the end of Unforgotten season 4?

In a dramatic series conclusion, we learnt for the first time that Dean Barton (real name Dean Quinn) was the man responsible for the murder of Matthew Walsh in the 1990s. Even though Ram Sidhu (Phaldut Sharma) had recognised Matthew as the person who had beaten him up and sexually assaulted Fiona (Liz White) a few weeks prior and had begun chasing him, it was Dean who was the first to locate Matthew, who had tripped in an allotment and struck his head on a short brick wall, knocking himself out.

Denise, who had attempted to distance himself from his criminal family by adopting a new last name and enrolling in police training, recognised Walsh as the rival gang member who had murdered his supportive older brother Stephen and resolved to avenge his death by stabbing Walsh through the wound with an engraved fountain pen that had been given to him by Stephen as a gift.

In contrast to Dean, who was arrested in connection with Walsh’s death, Ram was likely to face prison time after being charged with obstructing the authorised burial of a dead (together with Liz and Fiona) and his participation in Dean’s cocaine smuggling enterprise. Fiona was facing an extra charge related to her fictitious therapy licence, and Liz was forced to resign from the police department as a result of her charges.

Despite the team’s success in apprehending Walsh’s killer, the season finale concluded on a terrible note, with DCI Cassie Stewart’s surgery showing that she had suffered severe brain damage as a result of her car accident and was unlikely to make a full recovery. Sunny subsequently learns of her death, and she gives a eulogy at her funeral, as well as pays her respects by visiting her cemetery with flowers.


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