Fix The Touch Input Blocked Note 9 Issue

We all know that technology is not always perfect, hence, for this reason, you can simply experience different problems that you can solve for yourself. Hence, smartphones can also sometimes fail, as it’s a part of technology itself and the most weird thing about this is, ‘it can be a very stressful situation’.

Basically, there are different problems that may be a bit more difficult to solve if you are not a tech-savvy. But, apart from all these things, if you cannot able to solve any issue by yourself, then we strongly recommend you to take your smartphone to an authorized service center so that they can help you with your problem.

However, we all know that nobody likes a defective smartphone, as there are many who know that nowadays we simply keep all our essential moments of our life and important banking credentials in it.

Hence, at this point, you simply need that device to continue working properly. Unfortunately, errors, failures and other problems are unavoidable, especially when your smartphone ages. On the positive side, there are many common problems, that have relatively simple solutions, which you can do by yourself only.

Common Android problems

So, as we told earlier that technology is not always perfect, hence, for this reason, you can simply experience different problems while using any techy gadgets, like smartphones. However, the fact is that though you may experience different problems while using any techy gadgets, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to solve those problems by yourself.

Hence, here we will simply list down some of the general and common Android problems, that most of the Android smartphones users experiences.

The battery draining issue

Nowadays we all know that smartphones are increasingly getting smarter with better screens and better processors, but, they still offer the same battery. Though if they provide the one with a greater capacity, but, the fact is that still it is not able to offer a longer autonomy.

Smartphone slows down as it ages

It is an issue that many Android users have found and they feel that it is one of the most irritating issue on a smartphone. Generally, all it happens due to the internal memory of the smartphone, as the smartphone slows down when the memory gets full. Hence, to work properly and smoothly the memory must have some free space for the smartphone.

Now many of you might be thinking that how to do so? Well, first of all, make sure you have a microSD card in which all possible files are stored. However, for your clarification, let me clarify that the apps that are installed in microSD card, also take up space in internal memory as well, so we strongly recommend you to uninstall all those unnecessary apps that you don’t want.

WiFi or data connection issue

Generally, it could happen, and in many cases, the simplest solution is to deactivate the said wireless system options and again activate them. However, in case if it doesn’t work, then simply restart your smartphone, which will resolve this issue.

App errors

Apart from the device, sometimes, the apps also show some errors, which simply make us unable to use them on our device. It is the case of Feedly, which sometimes does not start, and the application is blocked on the initial screen. Hence, to solve this issue we simply have to eliminate the background process of the app to rectify and solve the issue.

Touch screen does not respond

The touch screens of smartphones have become the standard, but the truth is that they may have certain important errors as well. As sometimes it happens that we tap on the screen but it does not respond in the right way.

Hence, to fix this issue, simply we have to turn off the screen, clean it, and then turn it on again. However, in case if the problem still remains, then we strongly recommend you to simply restart the smartphone and check.

However, apart from all these things our main aim is to show you the guide to fix the Touch Input Blocked Note 9 issue (Galaxy Note 9) here in this post. So, now without wasting much time let’s get started and explore the whole guide that we have mentioned below to fix the Touch Input Blocked Note 9 issue.

How to fix the Touch Input Blocked Note 9 issue?

We all know very well that as long as there are no visible marks of physical damage, the screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, including its touch screen, should work properly without any difficulty and issue.

However, sometimes all these hardware components may stop working for some uncertain reasons. As for all your kind information let clarify that some owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have already reported that the touch screen of their Note 9 stopped responding and they didn’t found any clear evidence of what caused this issue.

Hence, as I told earlier that in this post, I will simply guide you in troubleshooting your Galaxy Note 9 with its touchscreen that no longer works or show you how to fix the Touch Input Blocked Note 9 issue.

As here I will share with you the troubleshooting methods that have been proven much effective in solving this type of problem as long as it is a minor problem with the firmware or problems related to the apps or phone settings.

That’s why, if you are one of the owners of this device, of course, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and currently have similar problems with the touch screen, then simply continue reading, as this guide will simply help you in one way or another.

Returning to our troubleshooting, this is what you should have to do to fix the Touch Input Blocked Note 9 issue:-

  • To solve this, first of all, simply go to the Settings option.
  • Now simply find the Display Settings option in the main settings menu of the device.
  • After the above step, now simply scroll down and find the “Block Accidental Touches” option.
  • Now once you find the option “Block Accidental Touches” option, simply activate it.
  • That’s it like this you can fix this error of Galaxy Note 9.

This is how we can fix this Touch Input Blocked Note 9 issue. However, if you still facing this issue on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 then simply try these solutions that we have mentioned below, simply to solve this issue.

Other solutions to fix the Touch Input Blocked Note 9 issue

First, simply try to force reboot your Galaxy Note 9

This is one of the most important solutions that we should consider in the maximum number of cases. As it is always possible that the cause of the problem is a system failure or some services have stopped working properly, which simply caused the touch screen to stop responding. Hence, we strongly recommend to force reboot your Galaxy Note 9 once.

Try to run the smartphone in safe mode

First of all before proceeding with this step, simply remember one thing that you have to perform this step if the problem continues after doing the forced restart.

Uninstall third-party applications

In this method simply you have to eliminate all the suspicious third-party applications from your device, which will simply solve this issue.

Clean the cache partition

In this case, you will simply have to run your phone in recovery mode and it is actually very effective, especially if the problem is due to a service or app that has a damaged cache.

Resets your phone

So, after performing the above procedures, if still, the problem remains, then simply you have to hard reset your phone to fix this issue.


Finally, after reading the whole guide, I am sure that now you can easily fix the Touch Input Blocked Note 9 issue. However, apart from all these things, if you have any problem that are not specifically mentioned here, then you may be able to find some other solutions on the internet.

Just be sure to choose the specific keywords that include your phone type and the exact problem, that’s it. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below. And if you liked this post then simply do not forget to share this post with your friends and family.

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