Through My Window Trailer Reveals Hot Love Between Sparrows Neighbors

Shared WiFi passwords consistently connect people, and in the upcoming Spanish Netflix film, A través de mi ventana, or In My Window, the hero will show you exactly that. A change of the 2016 Wattpad novel written by Venezuelan author Ariana Godoy, hot news will hit Netflix on February 4, and today, a real-time feature has been taken to Twitter to give fans the powerful trailer they were longing for.

(Clara Galle) and Ares (Julio Peña). Raquel has been peering through her window, longing for her charming neighbor, who is apparently not near her as she approaches her daily life.

through my window

As she puts it, the two are from completely different places, and unless they are close neighbors, their paths do not cross – that is, until one night when Raquel finds Ares pulling out her WiFi. After defending Ares for robbing his organization, he shoots her telling her that looking out the window was not the most serious thing, and that he sees what she was doing. Lightning flies through their angry gathering and soon follows mental competition.

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Sadly and attractive, Ares tries to overcome the growing feelings by telling Raquel that she is not his type, to which Raquel responds, “I am the most interesting woman you have ever met.” Things are hot for couples, and we see Raquel looking for Ares by getting off the list he is used to and doing things he would normally not do, like celebrating at clubs.

The rest of the trailer shows emotions that seem to have been achieved in two closures as each tries to tempt the other. Could it be love, desire, or something other than what is expected of us together? The film looks like it will keep us guessing until the end.

Posted next to Gale and Peña by Guillermo Lasheras, Eric Masip, Pilar Castro, Hugo Arbues, Lucía de la Puerta, and Natalia Azahara. The segment is composed of Marçal Forés, with Adrián Guerra and Núria Valls working as builders near Netflix Spain.

Make sure you have your WiFi private key to see how all of that moves when My Window arrives on Netflix on February 4th.

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