Batwoman Season 4 Storylines Teased By Showrunner

Caroline Dries, the showrunner for the CW’s Batwoman series, has hinted at the direction the program may take in season 4. Originally planned as a vehicle for Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane, the series was canceled, allowing Javicia Leslie to take over as Ryan Wilder, an entirely new character. Batwoman season 3 was officially picked up in February of last year and will air alongside fellow Arrowverse shows Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash.

With the third season of Batwoman ending off this week, Ryan’s Batwoman was forced to cope with a nefarious plot hatched by Gotham City’s newest rendition of the Joker, none other than her brother Marquis Jet (played by Nick Creegan). Fans of the show have seen series regular Mary Hamilton (played by Nicole Kang) evolve into a new version of Poison Ivy after being infected by her plants throughout Season 3. Other famous Batvillain trophies, such as Mister Freeze’s and Killer Croc’s, also played a significant role in the season’s events.

With the third season coming to an end, Dries is already planning where Batwoman season 4 would go if the show is renewed. She recently spoke with EW about “dropping a massive external conflict bomb onto season 4 to shake it up,” implying that she wants to focus on Ryan’s connection with Gotham City as a whole now that her relationships with the bat family have finally settled down. Take a look at what she has to say in the comments section below:

At this point, I believe it’s her bond with the city of Gotham. Ryan looked to have everything she wanted after Season 2, which is why I think it was so amazing for her to be presented with the idea of, “Well, there’s this other family, if you want it,” and her recognizing, “I want both,” and it being so difficult. Yeah, and now [it’s about] how her Gotham City family views her and her decision to open up her world to the city she represents and is supposed to safeguard every day?

Once she has all of those things, the problem now for the writing crew and myself is to figure out how to take the rug out from under all of that without spoiling everyone’s excitement. That is, what the fans are most enthusiastic about. And that is a massive task. It’s almost as if you’re beginning from scratch. But, I believe, what it implies for us is that we’re throwing a massive external conflict bomb on season 4 to shake things up.

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It’s unclear what that “giant external conflict bomb” could be, but fans will undoubtedly be poring over the extensive Gotham rogues gallery to see who might appear next. Jason Todd’s Red Hood, for example, is a character who is likely to cause a stir. Kiki Roulette, the original Joker’s toymaker, hinted at Jason’s existence in the Arrowverse in the last episode of season 3 when she recalled assisting “the Joker bludgeon Robin to death with a crowbar.”

While it’s unclear whether this universe’s Jason Todd would be resurrected in the same way as his predecessors in the comics and on Titans, if he is, he would certainly deliver the kind of explosive reaction Dries is aiming for.

Of course, with Titans season 3 currently pursuing their own Red Hood narrative, Dries’ choice may appear a touch too unoriginal. Returning to Gotham to face Bruce Wayne only to discover him gone and Ryan acting in his place would, on the other hand, be an interesting new twist on the storey. Fans will be crossing their fingers for an official Batwoman season 4 renewal announcement, whatever Dries and her crew come up with.

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