How to Send Money Without an Authentication Code on GCash

Use the “Send with a Clip” function on GCash to send money without an authentication code.

You may send money with a photo, video, and more using this function.

To do so, open GCash and select “Send with a Clip” from the menu.

Enter the recipient’s cell phone number, the money, and a short note.

You must also include a photo, video, or audio.

Tap “Next” after you’ve connected a clip, then “Pay” to send the money.

Your funds will be given to the recipient without the need for an authentication code.

On GCash, here’s how to send money without using an authentication code:

Open GCash and tap on “Send with a Clip”

Enter the details

Attach a clip and tap on “Next”

Send the money

Ask the recipient to claim the money

1. Open GCash and tap on “Send with a Clip”

To begin, launch the GCash app on your phone.

Tap “Send Money” once you’re in the app.

You’ll now be taken to the “Send Money” page.

Multiple sending options are available on the page.

“Express Send,” “Send through QR,” “Send with a Clip,” and more options are available.

You can send money to someone without an authentication code using the “Send with a Clip” option.

To transfer money with a media attachment, tap “Send with a Clip.”

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2. Enter the details

You’ll be taken to the “Send with a Clip” page after tapping “Send with a Clip.”

Now you must complete the information on the page.

To begin, enter the mobile number to whom you wish to send money.

Then, enter the amount you want to send (for example, $1.00).

Then, type a brief note to the recipient (optional).

3. Attach a clip and tap on “Next”

Scroll down the page after you’ve input the phone number, money, and message.

Now you must either select a theme or add a clip.

Select a theme from the “Themes” section.

If you want to attach a photo, press “Photo” and choose the image from your photo collection.

Make sure GCash has access to your photos.

You won’t be able to attach a photo or a video otherwise.

Finally, press “Next” to move on to the next phase.

4. Send the money

You’ll be taken to the sending page after tapping “Next.”

The sending information can be found on this page.

This includes the method you’ll use to transfer the money as well as the overall amount you’ll be sending.

Always double-check that the information is correct.

Keep in mind that once you’ve filed a transaction, you can’t undo it.

To give money to the receiver, tap “Send.”

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5. Ask the recipient to claim the money

You’ll be sent to the “Success” page after tapping “Send.”

You’ll now see the entire amount of money you’ve sent to the individual.

The reference number, date, and time will all be displayed.

If you’ve enabled GCash alerts, you’ll be notified about the transaction as well.

You’ve successfully sent money with GCash without using an authentication code!

The beneficiary now has 72 hours to claim the funds.

The money will be refunded to your wallet if they don’t.

To claim the money, the recipient must first open GCash and touch on the message icon.

They’ll notice a message that says “You just received money” after tapping on the message icon.

They must now tap on the message and select “Open Clip.”

Finally, they must tap “Claim money” to receive the funds.


You might not receive an authentication code if you try to send money to someone on Gcash.

It’s possible that the code will arrive late or not at all.

Your GCash balance will be updated after your payment has been processed.

Depending on the biller, payment can take up to three business days.

You can make a request if you’re still having trouble receiving an authentication code.

Include your email address, full name, and phone number in your message.

To establish your identification, you may need to attach a government-issued ID.

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