Pam & Tommy Season 2: Will It Happen & Why It Shouldn’t

Pam & Tommy on Hulu comes to a close on a gloomy note, with many already wondering whether a second season will be produced. It was released on February 2nd, 2022, and tells the story of Pamela Anderson (Lily James) and Tommy Lee (Sebastian Stan), as well as the publication of their infamous unauthorized sexual tape, which was captured during their honeymoon and made public after their divorce. With broad critical acclaim, the Hulu series Pam & Tommy has garnered praise for its eerie performances as the legendary 1990s duo. James and Stan, the show’s starring actors, have received particular appreciation for their uncanny performances as the famed 1990s couple.

‘Seattle,’ the Pam & Tommy season 1 finale, concludes dramatically, with Anderson and Lee fighting to recover from the ramifications of their sex tape in their separate professional lives. Despite being run over by Lee, Rand Gaulthier (Seth Rogen) manages to find some sort of redemption, and Lee and Anderson briefly sue the creator of the Internet Entertainment Group, Seth Warshavsky (Fred Hechinger). The last scenes of Pam & Tommy are, as one might expect, depressing in tone, with Anderson divorcing Lee following the events of their real-life divorce.

As a result of Pam & Tommy’s tremendous popularity, there has been an immediate increase in demand for a second season from fans. Even though the Hulu series came to a close with its finale, there are still various storylines that a hypothetical Pam & Tommy season 2 might explore. This article examines whether Pam & Tommy season 2 will occur, as well as why it should not in the context of the show’s overall storyline.

Will Pam & Tommy Season 2 Happen?

Pam & Tommy season 2 appears to be quite doubtful for the time being, yet it is tough to rule out the possibility altogether at this point. Pam & Tommy was approved by Hulu as a limited original series, which means that the show’s scope never stretched beyond the couple’s union and the sex video scandal that surrounded them. The core cast of Pam & Tommy may not even be interested in returning for a second season, given the time-consuming makeup operations that both Sebastian Stan and Lily James had to endure to resemble Lee and Anderson, respectively.

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Would Pam & Tommy Season 2 Work At All?

While the second season of Lee and Anderson’s semi-biopic Pam & Tommy does not appear to be in the works for Hulu, there are several ways in which a second season of the show could work. Given how abruptly season 1 ends with the couple’s divorce, it’s possible that Pam & Tommy season 2 could center on the repercussions of the couple’s divorce. A second season of the Hulu original would have several real-world events that could be brought to the forefront, with Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s brief reconciliation and Anderson’s second sex tape being just two of the options that would exist.

Why Pam & Tommy Season 2 Shouldn’t Be Made

The second season of Pam & Tommy should not be produced, even though there is some narrative precedent for doing so. Pam & Tommy works brilliantly as a stand-alone, limited series, vividly chronicling the real-life events and effects of Lee and Anderson’s sex tape while simultaneously giving significant depth to Anderson’s side of the tale. Pam & Tommy is available on Netflix. The show, which airs on Hulu, does not require another episode, let alone another season, and is best served as an eight-episode limited series that does not suffer from the inability to stretch its plot too far.

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