Fast charging is an incredible innovation, as you no longer need to wait more than an hour to charge your mobile device to more than 50%. As a result, many phone manufacturers have embraced fast charging technology. And with USB-C becoming the new standard for charging, how does it stackContinue Reading

Track Lost or Stolen AirPods

The AirPods are only one example of Apple’s excellent products. However, because of how small they are, it is probable that you will lose them or have them stolen. It’s crucial to know if you can keep track of them if they become lost in a variety of settings. IsContinue Reading

how to use ipad as second screen

The fight between Apple and Windows may be coming to an end. Users may now connect an iPad to a Windows computer and use it as a convenient supplementary monitor thanks to third-party software and applications. You’ll need to utilize third-party software such as SplashTop, Duet Display, iDisplay, or SpacedeskContinue Reading

stand alone watch phone

The best devices on the market are simple, smart, and do their job without much fuss. While smartphones and tablets are useful for many tasks, wearable technologies reduce the need to always have your phone with you. Instead, smartwatches allow you to stay up to date on notifications and alertsContinue Reading

coax to ethernet

You probably already have a coax or cable in your home, but you may not be aware that it may be configured to carry data over an ethernet connection. A decade ago, this technology was all the rage, but interest has since dwindled. A dependable cable TV connection can stillContinue Reading

hdmi to usb

You might have hoped for an easy solution if you ever needed to turn your HDMI feed into a USB connection. When tinkering with this kind of link, though, things become somewhat more intricate. While an HDMI-to-USB adapter may seem like the obvious solution, there are a few reasons whyContinue Reading