Naked and Afraid: Uncensored Season 14 Latest News

Another season of Naked and Afraid has been announced. The reality series’ 14th season has been ordered by Discovery Channel. Three men and three women will be put to the test in the upcoming episodes as they try to survive against the elements.
When it comes to the ultimate test of human endurance—the battle between mankind and Mother Nature—back it’s in its most primitive form. Some of the world’s toughest adventurers will leave their clothes and everyday comforts behind as they venture into some of the world’s most harsh, punishing, and isolated places. It’s a new season of Naked and Afraid that’s full of firsts and surprises for both the audience and the participants.

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New season of Naked and Afraid premieres on Discovery at 8pm ET/PT on February 27 and is available on discovery+. With the hashtag #NAKEDANDAFRAID and following Naked and Afraid on social media, viewers can get involved in the conversation and share their thoughts and experiences.

These brave Naked and Afraid survivalists are taken to places where the location alone is enough to put even the most seasoned Naked and Afraid survivalist to the test in this season’s adventure. Two survivalists will question everything after passing through an old house in the middle of the jungle rumoured to be haunted. The villagers of an African village that two survivalists come across have fled and left everything behind, and they’ll learn this the hard way when they stumble across the village.

In a first for the franchise, a couple of survivalists must not only survive among hundreds of elephants on the Limpopo River, but also overcome a language barrier that makes even the smallest tasks impossible. For the first time, a male-to-female transgender survivalist from South Africa and a survivalist with Asperger’s Syndrome are among the first-time participants in this season’s competition.

Naked & Afraid Season 8 also features a special ‘tribes’ episode, where two “teams,” each with a rookie and a Naked and Afraid Legend, must reach the halfway point in South Africa before combining their resources to finish the challenge together as a group. Two NAKED AND AFRAID All-Stars’ grown children attempt a 14-day challenge in Mexico to see if they can live up to the legendary reputations of their parents in a true passing of the torch.

This season of Naked and Afraid, the groundbreaking show that started it all, is one for the record books. Can these survivalists withstand the harsh weather, dangerous animals, and each other? Mother Nature and humanity face off in their most primitive form in this epic duel.”

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