For the Canadian children’s television series Mighty Express, Spin Master Entertainment, and Keith Chapman collaborated. It’s being made by Spin Master Entertainment and Netflix together. Graphics come from Atomic Cartoons. It is scheduled to be released on September 22, 2020. It was released on February 2, 2021, for a second season. The third season was released on April 13, 2021. As a result of this change from the previous three seasons, the fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons’ ten-minute episodes were arranged in two half-hour parts with two segments each, despite being ten minutes long.

Mighty Express Season 7 Release Date

There has been no confirmation from the producers, creative firms, or Netflix that there will be a seventh season of the series. It’s important to note that the programme is a huge hit with the younger generation. To the delight of its fans, ‘Mighty Express’ has released six seasons and two specials in less than two years since its premiere. We are confident that the seventh instalment of this children’s programme will soon be upon us, given the program’s fast track record. We can expect the team to have 2-5 months to put together a newer version of the game, depending on when the series is released. The 7th instalment is expected to be released sometime in the winter of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

Mighty Express Season 1 Release Date September 22, 2020
Mighty Express Season 2 Release DateFebruary 2, 2021
Mighty Express Season 3 Release DateApril 13, 2021
Mighty Express Season 4 Release DateJuly 27, 2021
Mighty Express Season 5 Release DateOctober 12, 2021
Mighty Express Season 6 Release DateMarch 29, 2022
Mighty Express Season 7 Release DateNot Announced

Mighty Express Season 7 Characters

Freight Nate, played by Dylan Schombing, Build-It Brock, played by Tyler Nathan, Mechanic Milo, played by Leo Orgil, and Farmer Faye, played by Michela Luci, are the show’s main trains. Annick Obonsawin voices Peoplemover Penny, Evan Lefeuvre voices Rescue Red, Ian Ho voices Flicker, Gracen Daly voice Mandy Mail, and Christian Campbell voices Tricky Ricky. Max, Nico, Liza, and Sneaky Stella are all human characters voiced by Jay Hatton, Meesha Contreras, Zoe Hatz, and Shazdeh Kapadia, respectively.

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Mighty Express Season 7 Story

When the Mighty Express trains of Tracksville, a world without adults (aside from the jolly old elf himself), are brought together by young people, they embark on epic journeys of discovery. All of the trains in Tracksville, as well as their tools and freight cars, are given their jobs to ensure that they are always working towards making their town a better place for both humans and trains to live in peace and harmony.

In each episode of ‘Mighty Express,’ there is a distinct mission. Together, the kids and the trains complete their journey. Friendship, dedication, creativity, and teamwork help them overcome any obstacle that stands in their way. Considering how much fun kids have while watching, it’s no wonder the show is so popular. As the seventh season of this track-based adventure gets underway, it is expected to maintain the series’ happy-to-go adventures with new and intriguing missions for the residents of Tracksville.

Mighty Express Season 6 Recap

Brock, Milo, and Nico are playing hide and seek when they come across the long-lost Great Golden Stagecoach and decide to continue on his Great-delivery. When it comes to transporting gold bars to the bank, only Grandfather’s Red will do. Mandy, on the other hand, is enraged and seizes the opportunity to gain attention for herself. With the help of Milo and Nico, Tracksville’s largest domino chain was born! On the other hand, the delivery quickly degenerates into anarchy. After Tiny the whale’s favorite rubber ducky is lost, Faye is tasked with providing a larger rubber ducky as a replacement. Unfortunately, the duck’s size and noise make delivery difficult.

Stowaway monkey Faye is charged with returning him to the wild after he sneaks into the banana shipment intended for Flicker’s consumption. Her lack of monkey-handling experience comes into play when Skipper’s monkey wrench is stolen by the monkey by the monkey. The entire Mighty Express crew must pitch in when Christmas is threatened by late letters, an inability to produce additional toys, and a snowstorm so large that the reindeer cannot fly. If Tricky Ricky and Sneaky Stella don’t give up on Mission Station, the crew’s last hope may be Flicker, who loses faith in his abilities after becoming less capable than the other trains.

Where To Watch Mighty Express?

You can join the Mighty Express, a group of trains and their younger counterparts who work together to solve train-related problems. Netflix has all five seasons of Mighty Express.


A new adventure awaits in each episode of Mighty Express. Kids and trains work together to meet delivery deadlines. Friendship, dedication, creativity, and teamwork are their greatest assets as they face every challenge in their path.

And all of this while having a good time, of course! Considering how much fun the show is for kids, it’s no wonder. If you’re a fan of the Mighty Express, a train-based adventure, you can expect the seventh season of the show to be no different.


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