How to See Unsent Messages on Messenger

Is there a Facebook Messenger message that has been deleted or unsent?

In the event they did so, you will no longer be able to see it.

As soon as you unsend a message on Messenger, it’s gone forever.

Instead of “Unsend for you,” the person must select “Unsend for everyone.”

The “Unsend for All” feature is similar to WhatsApp’s “Delete For All” feature.

Unsent messages on Messenger for iPhone and Android can be viewed using the instructions in this guide (with or without an app).

How to see unsent messages on Messenger

You must download the “Notisave” app from Google Play to see unread messages on Messenger.

You can use it to save your Facebook Messenger conversations automatically.

Autosave notifications are shown on your notification bar to accomplish this goal.

You can also perform a global search for all of your notifications.

Notisave saves new messages, images, and statuses from Messenger and other messaging apps.

How to use Notisave:

  1. Download Notisave on Google Play.
  2. Allow access to notifications by turning on “Notisave”.
  3. Allow Notisave to access your photos, media, and files.
  4. Tap on the three dots followed by “Settings”.
  5. Tap on “Save notifications”.
  6. Turn on “Messenger”.

Message notifications from Messenger will be automatically saved on Notisave after you turn on “Messenger”.

The Notisave app will show you a message that was unsent on Messenger if you open it.

It’s possible to test this out by sending a message to yourself from a different phone and then immediately deleting it.

To make this work, make sure that Messenger notifications are turned on.

For Notisave to save your Messenger notifications, you’ll need to enable the app.

Notisave is only available on Google Play for Android devices.

iPhone/iOS users will not be able to download it.

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How to see unsent messages on Messenger without the app

You must enable “Notification history” in your settings to see unread messages on Messenger without an app.

Messages you receive on Messenger will be saved before they are lost.

Only certain Android devices are supported by this.

This is because the “Notification history” feature is not available on all Android devices.

To enable “Notification history,” follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your settings.
  2. Tap on “Notifications”.
  3. Tap on “Advanced settings”.
  4. Select “Notification history”.
  5. Turn on “Notification history”.

You can now access your Messenger notification history to see any messages you haven’t yet sent.

Select “Messenger” if you’ve previously enabled “Notification history.”

You’ll be able to see a history of your Messenger notifications after selecting “Messenger”.

A recent and unsent Messenger message is included in this.

In Messenger, you will be unable to see previous unsent messages if you’ve only recently enabled “Notification history”.

Instead, you’ll only be able to see messages that haven’t been sent yet.

This is because Messenger doesn’t save unsent messages as a notification for the user.

Keep in mind that iOS devices do not have the “Notification history” feature, so this does not work.

The “Notification history” feature is also not available on all Android devices.

“Notisave” can be used instead if you don’t have it.

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To permanently delete all unsent messages on Messenger, “Unsend for Everyone” must be selected.

Fortunately, the two methods listed above will allow you to see what I’m talking about nonetheless.

Unsent messages can be read using the methods described above, which make use of your notification history.

“Notisave” and “Notification history” both keep a record of the notifications you receive.

As a result, you’ll want to make sure that notifications for Facebook Messenger are enabled.

To enable notifications for Messenger, go to “Settings” > “Notifications” > “All apps” > “Messenger” and turn them on.

Notisave will be able to save your Messenger notifications if you do this.

As an example, if you received a message on Messenger, the notification will be saved in your app.

The message is saved as a notification, so even if the recipient deletes or unsends it, you can still see it in the “Notisave” app or your notifications history.

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