Marg Helgenberger Face Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox, Facelift and Lip Collage

Emails regarding Marg Helgenberger‘s frozen face have been coming in for at least two years at this point. She looks like she has had a lot of work done, including botox, eye surgery, lip collagen (in an excessive amount), and veneers. She already has amazing skin and doesn’t need it; she’s just getting older.
Despite being overshadowed by Jennifer Lopez‘s plastic surgery speculations, the speculation about Marg Helgenberger’s plastic surgery has received considerable coverage.

Marg Helgenberger is a well-known American actress who was born in Nebraska in 1958.

She graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in drama and, in a classic Hollywood manner, was discovered by a talent scout. Helgenberger is a mainstay on the Lifetime channel, but she has also made appearances in movies like Species and Tootsie and TV shows like “E.R.,” where she played George Clooney’s one-season love interest.

Helgenberger, however, looks fantastic for her age, which has sparked rumours that she has had plastic surgery.

marg helgenberger face
marg helgenberger face

Has Marg Had Cosmetic Surgery?

Dr. David Shefer, a prominent cosmetic surgeon in New York City, says that if Marg Helgenberger has become a plastic surgery celebrity, she has had excellent work done:

That woman looks like she’s gotten a facelift. Her face appears more toned and her cheeks rounder, but her forehead seems to be out of sync. To be honest, I can’t even find any incisions in the photographs, so all of this is just conjecture.

Shefer speculates that Helgenberger is getting Botox injections in addition to a facelift to maintain her youthful appearance.

If a surgeon is to blame for Helgenberger’s beauty, it is not because of any botched procedures; on the contrary, she is now more appealing than many actresses a third of her age.

That’s no easy feat, especially if you’re trying to hide the fact that you’ve had plastic surgery and the specific treatments you had done.

marg helgenberger face
marg helgenberger face

Marg Helgenberger – Before and After Photos?

It’s reasonable to assume that Helgenberger, like many other celebrities, gets regular cosmetic procedures to keep her appearance fresh.

When it comes to plastic surgery, however, it appears that Helgenberger has avoided the pitfalls that so many other celebrities fall into thanks to the camera’s forgiving eye.

Similar to the rumours surrounding Halle Berry’s plastic surgery, the public has been left wondering what, if anything, Marg Helgenberger has done to her body to stay so beautiful. Because of this, you have to strain your eyes to see anything in the pictures.

To begin, most of Helgenberger’s photographs keep her hair long enough that we cannot see any scar tissue that would indicate surgery.

Her forehead may be free of wrinkles, but something is off about it, perhaps because the Botox injections weren’t administered uniformly.

Obviously, if Helgenberger has plastic surgery, the goal is to preserve rather than alter her appearance. The treatments will have considerably less noticeable effects on her appearance than if they were intended to drastically alter her appearance.
And until the actress herself confirms the rumours of plastic surgery involving Marg Helgenberger, all we have is conjecture.
Image Comparison Before and After

We want to hear your feedback. View some before and after pictures of Marg Helgenberger and share your thoughts in the space provided.

marg helgenberger face
marg helgenberger face

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Marg Helgenberger Plastic Surgery And Botox

To help her look younger, Marg Helgenberger has resorted to plastic surgery. She tried Botox injections and maybe a facelift, but the results were less than stellar for both procedures. The results of her plastic surgery are strikingly different from her natural appearance. She also got Botox and a facelift, and her lips were injected with Restylane. The plastic surgery had a general deflating effect on her face’s appearance.

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