KONOSUBA SEASON 3 Light Novel: Plot, Cast

Konosuba Season 3 is an excellent comedy anime series with amusing characters and excellent voice acting; therefore, why hasn’t a sequel been announced yet, and will we ever receive an official announcement for the next Konosuba season? We shall never know if Kazuma and Megumin will ever be able to reconcile if season three is not released. Aqua and Darkness will not be appearing in any more episodes.

‘KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!’ was the initial title of Konosuba Season 3. However, we are all familiar with the phrase Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo! In Japan, anime was a huge hit with the public. After many months of speculation, it appears that season 3 will finally be released.

Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming third season of Konosuba, as well as the release date for the second installment. The Konosuba anime series, also known as Kono Subarashii Sekai in Shukufuku Wo! in Japanese, is based on a popular light novel series of the same name. The Konosuba light novel series is written and illustrated by Natsume Akatsuki, with Kurone Mishima serving as the series’ illustrator.

The plot revolves around Kazuma Sato, a teenage NEET who finds himself in the company of the worst members of the party. The Devil King must be defeated by the archpriest and goddess Aqua, the archwizard Megumin, and the crusader Darkness working together as a team.

What is the total number of seasons of Konosuba? The Konosuba anime series is divided into two seasons. There are also two animated shorts and a feature film. The third season of Konosuba has not yet aired.

The film Konosuba: Legend of Crimson is a prequel to the anime series Konosuba: Legend of Crimson’s second season. As a result, it is recommended that you watch it before the third season begins. It’s not clear whether or not season 3 will kick off with it.

The first season of the Konosuba anime, consisting of ten episodes, was released in Japan in January 2016. Since then, the series has gained a large following of fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of Konosuba season 3 in the United States.

Is Konosuba Finished?

A new project has just been formally revealed, which means that the KonoSuba anime is not yet completed. Volume 17 of the KonoSuba light novels was released in 2020, marking the end of the series. Volume 17 of the Konosuba saga was published in Japan on May 1, 2020, bringing the Konosuba saga to a conclusion.

Season 3 of KonoSuba will continue the tale, and will most likely cover volumes 6 and 7 of the manga. Most importantly, we will get to see Kazuma, Megumin, Aqua, and Darkness once more in their respective roles as well. However, if you can’t wait any longer and want to find out what happens next in the tale after the anime, you can read the light novels instead. The fifth book of the KonoSuba light novel is a good place to start because the anime covered volumes 1 to 4 and the movie covered volume 5.

Will There Be Season 3 Of Konosuba At All?

Konosuba Season 3 may be returning, according to Junichiro Tamura, the producer of Kadokawa, who believes that this is plausible. Although it is unknown whether Aqua will be brought back to life, a new film and animation will be released shortly. While a specific release date has not been announced, The most likely release date is either January 2022 or April 2022, depending on how many people are expecting it. The bulk of anime shows is released between 6 and 9 months after they are first announced on television. As a result, we expect to hear something about a certain date in the following months.

We should hold off on making a judgment until we see how his most recent effort turns out. This is the opening sentence of a paragraph, and it is followed by another. This will be explained more during the talk. For the third time, he was asked about the possibility of the third season of Konosuba, to which he responded that there is a good likelihood of a third season if the movie does well. He also stated that the popularity of a certain show has a significant impact on the decision-making process. The film will be released in Japan on the 17th of August, 2017.

We do not have an accurate figure for how much money the picture has brought in. However, according to Box Office Mojo, it has earned a total of $5.078,942 in worldwide box office revenue so far. The picture was a commercial triumph at the box office.

When Is Season 3 Of Konosuba Coming Out?

To determine when Konosuba season 3 will be released and whether or not Konosuba season 4 will follow, we must consider two criteria. The first is the source material, and the second is the amount of money that was made from the first two seasons and the movie. We will now look into when Konosuba season 3 will be released as well as whether or not there will be a season 4 of the show.

Konosuba Season 3 Light Novel & Manga

It was the light book that served as inspiration for the Konosuba anime. What is the total number of Konosuba volumes available? As of 2022, there are 17 volumes of Konosuba available for purchase. There are also four spin-off light novels as well as a manga adaptation to look forward to.

Is the Konosuba light novel at the end of its journey? The Konosuba light book series came to an end with volume 17, which means the plot is over. It is still his intention, according to the author, to write more for Konosuba shortly. Most likely, it will be a collection of short stories.

When Will Konosuba Volume 18 Be Released? Because the series came to an end with volume 17, there will never be a publication date for Konosuba volume 18 released.

Where should I begin reading Konosuba when season 2 has concluded? Volume 5 of the Konosuba light book series follows the conclusion of the second season. Volume 5 was, however, modified for the film.

During the Konosuba anime series, each season was comprised of two volumes. Because the entire book 5 was used in the film, Konosuba season 3 will almost certainly include volumes 6 to 7. As a result, there is enough content for Konosuba season 4 to be successful as well.

Sales and Profit Details

What was the response to the Konosuba Blu-Ray? For the first season of Konosuba, the Blu-Ray discs sold approximately 12,500 copies per disc. The average number of tickets sold for the second season was 11,000 per show. The sales of Blu-ray discs have been phenomenal, as have the sales of the film itself, which has sold 28,000 copies of each disc.

What was the response to the Konosuba Light Novel? Edition 16 sold over 110,000 copies, and the most recent volume, volume 17, sold approximately 90,000 copies, according to the publisher. The popularity of light novels is astounding.

By 2022, there will be less than 15 series that sell more than 100,000 copies per volume, down from the current number of 15. It is one among the top 15 most popular light book series of all time, according to Anime News Network.

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Konosuba Season 3 Release Date

As of January 2022, no release date for Konosuba Season 3 has been announced, even if it has been confirmed. The release date for the third season of Konosuba, on the other hand, is expected to be in the second half of the year 2022.

Season 3 has yet to receive an official release date, and the show’s creators haven’t issued any publicity materials or anything else. Fans may be assured that KonoSuba is coming in some form, however, they may have to wait a little longer than expected because the announcement indicated that production was only just getting started.

Even for a fourth season, there is more than enough source material, and as previously stated, this series generates a substantial amount of revenue. As a result, I feel it is reasonable to predict that Konosuba Season 4 will be released within the next few years.

On average, it takes between 6 and 12 months after a new season has been confirmed before the new season is made available for viewing. Therefore, the second half of 2022 appears to be a reasonable estimate for the release date. If I had to predict, the premiere date for Konosuba season 3 would be July 2022. In the worst-case scenario, it will have been 12 months since the announcement, which means it will be January 2023, just as it was for the previous two seasons.

The majority of the Konosuba fans wish for a third season. The only thing that could explain that is one of the Megumin spin-off stories. The possibility of a third season by Kadokawa cannot be ruled out at this point.

It is expected that we will learn more about the new anime project for Konosuba in the coming months.

Konosuba Season 3 Cast

With no confirmation yet on “KonoSuba” Season 3, a cast hasn’t been listed yet, either. However, with the voice cast from seasons 1 & 2 also being used for the “KonoSuba” movie, it’s probably safe to assume that they’d also be returning for a potential season 3.

  • Satou Kazuma as Jun Fukushima
  • Aqua as Amamiya Ten
  • Megumin as Rie Takahashi
  • Darkness as Ai Kayano
  • Yun Yun as Aki Toyosak

Is there any Trailer Yet?

As of right now, there is no official trailer for the season of Konosuba to be found. We’ll make every effort to update this page as soon as a trailer or fresh announcement is made available to us.

A trailer for Konosuba God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World has been released. Kadokawa has released a new Legend of Crimson film. If you haven’t already, you should take the time to watch it. It’s a canon film that serves as a sequel to the second season of the show.


Where to Watch Online?

We are all aware that a large number of viewers are not interested in anime. They can watch Crunchyroll if they want to. Yen Express is in charge of the English translation of the novel series, the manga series, and the anime series in question. Netflix, VRV, and AnimeLab all have dubbed episodes of the show available for viewing if you prefer to watch it in English.

After hearing so much positive feedback about it, I’m looking forward to seeing how fantastic it is in real life. However, if you can’t wait any longer and want to find out what happens next in the plot after the anime, you can read the light novel instead.

I hope you found this post to be informative. Additionally, please feel free to distribute it.

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