Kingdom Hearts 4 Release Date & Everything we know so far!

Hardcore gamers around the world are no strangers to Kingdom Hearts, even though it’s been more than 20 years since the game’s release. Square Enix has long had ties to Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura has worked with Square Enix for a long time, so it’s pretty obvious that this is a joint project between the two companies and that Nomura is the director of the film.

For some time now, gamers have speculated about the possibility of another Kingdom Hearts game, which has recently been confirmed by the game’s creators.

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Kingdom Hearts 4 Release Date

The game’s release date has yet to be announced by Square Enix. However, the earliest we can expect it to arrive is in 2023. When Kingdom Hearts 3 came out six years after the initial announcement, we can only hope that this time it doesn’t take as long.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Cast

An American actor by the name of Haley Joe. A Young Artist Award for his performance in the comedy-drama film Forrest Gump launched Osment’s acting career.

An American actor and singer, David Gallagher has a wide range of credits to his name. As a two-year-old child actor and model, Gallagher was nominated for a Young Artist Award and a Teen Choice Award five times.

Actress, singer, and dancer Alyson Stoner is a native of the United States. In addition to Cheaper by the Dozen and Cheaper by the Dozen 2, she has appeared in the Step Up film series.

An American stage, television, and voice actor, Jason Dohring is best known for playing Logan Echolls in the Veronica Mars television series and its 2014 film continuation.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Plot

Master Xehanort’s plan to create the -blade is met with Yen Sid’s preparation of seven Keyblade wielders as a countermeasure. To recover his “power of waking,” the ability to restore lost hearts, Sora sets out with Donald Duck and Goofy on a journey through various worlds. [c] Organization XIII members enrage Sora and his friends when they use the seven Princesses of Heart as replacements while seeking a recruit for their final position. While Riku and King Mickey search for Aqua in the world of darkness, Kairi and Lea train as Keyblade wielders.

They are approached by Ienzo, who discovers study papers indicating that Roxas and two other hearts, later named Ventus and Xion, are latent within the heart of Sora. Sora is inspired to bring Roxas back to life using an artificial replica body after discovering that the Organization’s time-traveling members have implanted their hearts into replicas manufactured by Vexen. To save Ansem the Wise, Vexen reveals that he is an Organization double agent after saving him from the Heartless Ansem who kidnapped him from the domain of darkness after Aqua was sent into the watery depths. Vexen member Demyx has been entrusted with delivering Roxas’ backup replica.

Riku and Mickey are attacked by Aqua, who has been corrupted by the evil realm. Sora uses Master Eraqus’s Keyblade, found on the Destiny Islands, to help Riku and Mickey save Aqua. Aqua then travels to Castle Oblivion, where she reawakens Ventus before returning it to the Land of Departure. Ventus is revived by Sora, who discovers his ability to awaken and fends off Vanitas when she is threatened.

Terra’s possession summons a horde of Heartless when the seven Keyblade wielders arrive at the Keyblade Graveyard to confront the Organization. He wakes up in a world called the Final World, where a Chirithy helps him to repair his fragmented body. Terra’s lingering will prevent him from resurrecting his friends and traveling back in time to the moment before their defeat, which he uses the power of awakening to accomplish. Aqua and Ventus reunite with Terra after the guardians’ battle with the Organization, and Roxas and Xion, the Organization’s final member, regain their hearts from Sora and reunite with Lea after Terra regained control of his body.

Xehanort uses the death of Kairi’s body as a pawn to lure Sora into a fight with him, allowing Xehanort access to the -blade and the key to Kingdom Hearts. To save Sora from Xehanort, Donald and Goofy transfer him back to his childhood home of Scala, where the three Disney heroes ultimately defeat the evil magician. He is convinced to give up the -blade by Eraqus, who emerges from Terra as a spirit. After sealing Kingdom Hearts, Sora decides to use the power of waking to save Kairi, despite the dire consequences of his actions. Later, the friends regroup in the Destiny Islands, where Kairi is restored and stays with Soren before he fades away. Afterward

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Kingdom Hearts 4 Platforms

Although the platforms have not been confirmed, it is most likely that this Disney-themed RPG will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S | X, and PC.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Logo

On the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account, the developers released two new logos. Kingdom Hearts 4 and Kingdom Hearts Missing Link are both being released by Square Enix, according to the post. The logos are flawless, and they give us the distinct impression that the games will be the same.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer

To commemorate the game’s 20th anniversary, three new trailers were released. They are Kingdom Hearts: Union Dark Road, Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link, and Kingdom Hearts 4 (the final installment). Each of the three trailers is included in a single video that was released.

Compared to modern-day Tokyo, Quadratum (a world introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3) looks like a bustling metropolis. The animation is so lifelike, and the attention to detail is flawless. New characters Strelitzia and Sora are shown in the trailer, which confirms the return of both characters and introduces a new one. Donald Duck and Goofy will return to help Sora fight her battles, too. It’s called the Lost Master Arc, and we’re sure it’s going to be epic.

Kingdom Hearts Gameplay

Kingdom Hearts is a role-playing video game that emphasizes combat with melee-based weapons. It has been given a narrative structure thanks to the use of cutscenes. These are the non-skippable scenes used to show dialogue between players, set the mood, and provide additional information about the new and upcoming gameplay elements.

Sora, a happy teen who lives on Destiny Islands, is the protagonist of the series. Along with Kairi and Riku, two of his childhood friends, she embarks on an adventure to explore other worlds. Sora discovers her weapon, the Keyblade, while the three are separated on the journey. Donald Duck and Goofy invite him to join them on a trip around the world to help Mickey Mouse, the king of the worlds, in his search for his missing friends. Everywhere they go, they stop things that might threaten the existence of the world.

More Kingdom Hearts 4 news will be coming soon.

Kingdom Hearts 4 director says fans shouldn’t expect any more news until “way after the E3 period”

We shouldn’t expect to hear anything new about Kingdom Hearts 4 for some time, according to director Tetsuya Nomura.

“At a very later date,” Tetsuya Nomura said during a Q&A session at the Kingdom Hearts 20th-anniversary celebration event, where Kingdom Hearts 4 was first announced. This quote was shared by Kingdom Hearts fansite KH13 and comes straight from the mouths of fans who were in attendance at the in-person event in Tokyo over the weekend (opens in new tab).

There is no word on Kingdom Hearts 4 from Nomura until “way after the E3 period,” according to fans. We all know E3 2022 has been canceled, but what Nomura probably means is that we won’t hear anything until much later in the summer, which is when E3 is typically held. Square Enix’s decision to launch Kingdom Hearts 4 during its “early development stage” was made to avoid leaks early on, according to Nomura.

Several other intriguing details about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts sequel were revealed during the Q&A session, including the fact that the Unreal Engine 4 was used to render the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer footage in real-time. Because it will be built with Unreal Engine 5, Kingdom Hearts 4 will look even better than it already does.

“A character you have known for some time” was recorded as the voice of the narration in both trailers for the Kingdom Hearts games (Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link and KH4), according to producer Shinji Mikami.

It’s difficult for Western players to identify the narrator because the voice-over has only been recorded in Japanese for now. Some fans, however, believe that Young Xehanort could be the culprit. We’ll have to wait and see until we get official confirmation.

It’s been a busy weekend, so are you still trying to keep up? Our Kingdom Hearts 4 Strelitzia guide reveals the identity of the girl in the new trailer.

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