How To Use An iPad As A Second Screen On Windows

The fight between Apple and Windows may be coming to an end. Users may now connect an iPad to a Windows computer and use it as a convenient supplementary monitor thanks to third-party software and applications.

You’ll need to utilize third-party software such as SplashTop, Duet Display, iDisplay, or Spacedesk to use an iPad as a second screen for a Windows computer. These tools are available in a variety of features, capacities, and pricing ranges.

Although it may appear contradictory, connecting your Apple iPad to your Windows PC is quite straightforward and convenient. Connecting these devices provides greater screen real estate and increases productivity. So, how do you go about doing this? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know.

Can You Use Your iPad as a Second Screen on Windows?

Even though there are no built-in connectivity options between the iPad and Windows operating systems, an iPad can be used as a second screen. This will, however, necessitate the use of third-party software.

how to use ipad as second screen
how to use ipad as second screen

How Can You Use an iPad as a Second Screen on Windows 10?

You’ll need third-party software to use your Apple device as a secondary screen on a Windows 10 computer. There are numerous possibilities with varied characteristics, so it will primarily depend on personal preferences and money. Here are some of our suggestions:


SplashTop is one solution for connecting your iPad to your Windows device. SplashTop consists of two primary components: a background desktop application and an app for your tablet or iPad.

Keep in mind that SplashTop is primarily a remote access tool. This implies that for a monthly price, you can remotely access your Windows desktop from your Apple device. Before you begin the setup process, make sure iTunes is installed on both your Windows PC and your Apple iPad. Then do the following:

Install Splashtop on your iPad and SplashTop XDisplay Agent on your PC first.
Connect your iPad to your Windows computer using a regular charging wire once everything is set up.
Start the SplashDisplay software on your PC as well as your iPad. After a few moments, your desktop should display on the iPad screen. It may be a little slow, but it should function similarly to any other secondary monitor.
By launching the XDisplay Software from the Windows taskbar, you can customize the display. You can then customize the frame rate, screen quality, and resolution to your preference.

Duet Display

Duet Display is comparable to SplashTop in that both devices require a wired connection and software. The price point is the most significant distinction between SplashTop and Duet Display. The desktop program from Duet is free, but the iOS and Android apps are not.

Duet Display’s membership service also contains additional capabilities. Duet Air includes wireless networking, remote desktop features, and enhanced graphics. The technique of connecting is similar to that of SplashTop.


If the concept of a wired connection bothers you, there are wireless alternatives, such as iDisplay. Your iPad and Windows computer connect through WiFi while using iDisplay. This eliminates the need for bulky cords or wires. I displays the iOS app, on the other hand, is the most expensive on our list.

Can You Use Your iPad as a Second Monitor for Free?

There are ways to use your iPad as a secondary monitor without paying any fees or subscribing to any services. One method to accomplish this is to use the free version of SplashTop. To begin, simply follow these simple steps:

To begin, ensure that iTunes is installed on your Windows PC.
SplashTop for iPad and SplashTop XDisplay Agent for PC need to be installed.
Connect your Apple device to your Windows computer using a regular charging cable, such as the Essri Lightning Cable, once everything is set up (on Amazon).
Start the SplashDisplay software on your PC as well as your iPad. After a few moments, your desktop should display on the iPad screen.
Hold the function key to make sure your device is set to “extend.” On the right side of the screen, a menu should appear. Choose “extend.”

Can an iPad Be Used as a Second Monitor Wirelessly?

Spacedesk, which allows you to connect your devices wirelessly, is another way to use your iPad as a second monitor.

This frees up physical desk space and allows you to charge your iPad at the same time. Spacedesk also supports HD resolutions and includes features that may be customized. Follow these simple steps to install Spacedesk:

Install Spacedesk on your iPad and Windows PC first.
After both applications have been installed, connect your PC and iPad to the same WiFi network.
Using the Windows search tool, look for the Spacedesk software. Create a desktop shortcut to the app for easier access.
Then, on your iPad, launch the Spacedesk program. A prompt for approval should occur. Select OK to allow Spacedesk to discover and pair devices on your WiFi network.
The name of your PC should appear on the iPad app. Choose ‘Connection.’ You should now be able to see your Windows screen on your iPad.
If you receive any error warnings or prompts, uninstall any other screen monitoring software, such as SplashTop, Duet Display, display, and so on. You can reconnect once these have been deleted. If you continue to have problems, you can always contact the Spacedesk customer care team for assistance.

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