How to Pin Someone on Snap

How to get someone on Snapchat?

Encryption on Snapchat is really straightforward and should happen with just a few quick taps within the app. This is the way to get into Snapchat.

From the Chat screen, play long press on the name of a Snapchat friend.

A menu will appear. Tap More.

Tap Pin Chat.

Your chat series with that friend will now be repeated at the top of your Snapchat Chat screen.

Repeat this process for any other people that you want to pin in Snapchat.

How to Get People Out of Snapchat
Because of the limit on three pinned friends, you will probably need to uninstall someone on Snapchat soon to make room for someone else. Fortunately, uninstalling people on Snapchat is very easy.

On the Snapchat chat screen, long press on the pinned person you want to unplug

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From the popup menu, tap More.

Tap Unpin Conversation

That person will currently be unpacked and included in your remaining Snapchat messages and sorted by date. Accelerate the cycle to unlock any other people you need to release.

What Does “Pin Chat” mean on Snapchat?
You may encounter Snapchat users on other social networking apps such as Twitter and Facebook that refer to “pin chat,” “pinned people,” or “pinned people,” and wonder what this means. Such terms refer to conversations or persons in the Snapchat user application who have pinned them to the top of their screens by following the steps shown above.

Pinching someone on Snapchat does not change the status of their account at all. The people you deny are not even receiving notice about it. This feature makes chatting easier within the Snapchat app.

What It Means To Say It Is Still Waiting On Snapchat

You customize the Snapchat Pin Icon

Like most emoji in the Snapchat app, you can also customize the icon, emoticon, or emoji used to designate a pin person or conversation.

Open your profile in the Snapchat app and tap Settings (gear icon) in the top right corner.

Scroll down and press Manage.

Tap Friendly Emoji.

  1. Tap Pinned Conversation.
  2. Tap the emoji you’d like to replace the default pin icon with. A subtle gray box should appear around it if selected properly.The change will go live immediately. You don’t need to click a save or confirm the changes.
  3. Tap the Back arrow in the top-left corner until the Settings menus have completely closed.
  4. You should now see your new pinned icon in action within the app.

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