How to Get Sound on the Reddit App

If the Reddit community allows it, you can post videos on the app.

To upload a video, tap the “+” icon, select “Video,” and choose the video you want to share.

Expanding a video that someone else has uploaded will allow you to see it.

The Reddit app’s sound settings are disabled by default.

When a video has sound, you can turn it on by tapping on the speaker icon.”

You’ll get the “This video doesn’t have sound” error if the video doesn’t contain sound.

The video, on the other hand, does have sound.

NSFW videos are automatically muted if you’re watching them.

However, there is a way to turn it back on if you so choose.

How to get sound on the Reddit app for Android/iOS and why Reddit says “This video doesn’t have sound” will be covered in this guide.

How to get sound on the Reddit app

To use the Reddit app, you must first enable adult content on Reddit’s desktop version.

Download the Apollo app, sign in with Reddit, and go to the video you want to listen to after enabling adult content.

Finally, expand the video and tap on the speaker icon to activate the video’s sound!!

In NSFW communities, the Reddit app mutes videos.

There is no way to hear anything, no matter how many times you tap on the speaker icon.

Downloading the Apollo app will allow you to get around this.

Fast navigation and a plethora of options characterize the Apollo app, a Reddit app.

There is a powerful media viewer and a jump bar to make browsing Reddit a breeze.

Videos in NSFW communities can also have sound turned on.

To enable sound on the Reddit app, follow these steps:

1. Enable adult content on the desktop version of Reddit

The first step is to allow adult content on Reddit’s desktop version.

Using this method, you’ll be able to access all Reddit communities and content.

Go to on a browser such as Safari or Chrome to get started.

Upon arrival, tap the menu icon, select “Sign Up or Log In,” and log in to your Reddit account.

Upon logging in, tap on the menu icon again, tap on “Settings”, and tap on “Account settings”.

Tap “Feed Settings” and turn on the “Adult content” option.

2. Download Apollo for Reddit

For videos in NSFW communities, the Reddit app mutes the audio.

There is no way to unmute the audio in the Reddit app.

Downloading the Apollo app is a way to avoid this.

Due to licensing restrictions, this app can only be downloaded on iPhones and iPads via iTunes.

Instead, if you’re using an Android device, you can simply download the Sync app from Google Play.

As a Reddit viewer, Apollo has a lot of options.

A native iOS design, custom gestures, fast-loading pages, and more are included.

This also applies to videos that have been muted on the Reddit app or those in NSFW communities.

3. Sign in with Reddit

Open the Apollo app after you’ve downloaded it.

You must now sign in with your Reddit account.

Using the bottom navigation bar, go to “Account” and then “Sign in with Reddit.” to accomplish this.

Enter your Reddit username and password to log into the site by clicking this link.

For the final step, make sure that Apollo can access your Reddit account.

At the bottom of that page, there is an “Allow” button.

4. Navigate to the video that you want to listen to

Having granted Apollo access to your Reddit account, your account will now be active.

You’ll now need to find the video you want to listen to and click on it.

A video in an NSFW community may require that the sound be turned on.

Go to the community and look for the video there.

Tap on the video once you’ve found it to open it up further.

Tap on the speaker icon (if necessary) to turn off the video’s mute option.

Even if the video is NSFW, the Apollo app will play it and play the audio.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully learned how to access or activate Reddit’s sound system.

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Why does Reddit say the video doesn’t have sound?

According to Reddit, the video’s audio is missing because it has been muted.

An adult video will be muted by default when it is posted to Reddit.

As long as it’s marked “NSFW,” Reddit will automatically mute any sound in the original video.

Download the Apollo app from the App Store or the Sync app from the Google Play Store to avoid this.

Using these apps, you can listen to the audio for any Reddit video (including NSFW content).

Why is Reddit sound not working?

The video’s sound is not working on Reddit because it contains adult content.

Any NSFW videos will be muted by default on Reddit.

When you download a copy of a video, you won’t be able to hear the original audio.

By tapping on the speaker icon, you can hear if it works.

Sync or Apollo must be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store, respectively, if that doesn’t work.


Sound is missing from some Reddit videos.

To see if it’s working, tap on the speaker icon in the video.

This will activate the video’s sound.

“This video does not have sound” means that the video has been muted. However

Adult content is usually the reason for this.

Videos marked as “NSFW” on Reddit’s mobile app will automatically be muted.

To get around this, simply follow the instructions provided above.

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