How to Find Song ID on Roblox

It is possible to utilise Roblox music codes/song IDs in a game that allows you to play music through the use of gear.

The golden boombox is an example of a piece of equipment.

In Roblox, you may also purchase items from the store.

As soon as you’re in the game, simply click the gear icon to bring up a user interface (GUI).

Once you’ve entered the song or music ID, click “Play.”

Administrators, on the other hand, can use an admin command to play music.

“:music song ID” is the admin command.

As an example, “:music 5128532009” would play the Roblox Egg Hunt music.

Roblox song IDs and song codes for famous games like Arsenal, Ghost, Mood, Savage, and more are all covered in this guide.

How to find song ID on Roblox

To discover a song ID on Roblox, go to the Creator Marketplace after logging in.

You may find the ID for a song in the Creator Marketplace by clicking on “Audio” and then searching for the song.

Finally, take the Roblox song ID from its URL and paste it into your browser.

“212102642” should be copied from the URL if it’s “”

You can play a song on a boombox by copying the song ID and pasting it in.

The desktop version of Roblox must be used for this.

Because it lacks a URL field, the Roblox mobile app cannot be used to locate and copy music codes or song IDs.

Find a song in Roblox by following these steps:

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1. Log in to Roblox

To begin, open a web browser and go to the Roblox website.

At, click “Login” to get started.

Second, enter your Roblox username, email address, or cell phone number into the appropriate fields on the form.

Finally, input your Roblox password and press “Log In” to access your account.

Remember, you can’t do this with the Roblox mobile app.

This is due to the lack of a URL field in the Roblox mobile app.

Using a mobile browser like Safari or Chrome to access the Roblox website is also not an option.

Because there is no marketplace for creators there.

2. Click on Create > Manage my experiences

Upon clicking “Log In,” you’ll be redirected to your Roblox account.

Now, you’ll need to visit the marketplace for creators.

To get started, go to the top navigation bar and select “Create.”

Open the Roblox Studio page with this link.

Using Roblox Studio, you can construct anything.

However, Roblox Studio is not required.

Go to the creator marketplace instead, if you can.

You’ll see a “Manage my experiences” link under the “Start Creating” button.

To begin controlling your encounters, click “Manage my experiences.”

3. Click on Creator Marketplace > Audio

“My Creations” will appear after clicking on “Manage My Experiences”.

You’ll see a list of the things you’ve done on the website.

In addition, you can see all of your previously built locations, models, decals, and other elements.

This page has several tabs at the top for your convenience.

My Creations, Creator Marketplace, Developer Exchange, and Premium Payouts are all included in this category.

Once you’ve accessed the marketplace, click on the “Creator Marketplace” button to get started.

Among the offerings in the marketplace are models, decals, and audio.

You can access a list of audios by clicking on “Audio” on the left sidebar.

4. Search for the song

On the left sidebar, click “Audio,” and you’ll be sent to the audio page.

A list of Roblox audios, songs, and music can be found on this page.

Now that you’ve found the song, you’ll need to copy the ID from that song.

Simply enter the song’s name and hit the “Search” button.

Use the search bar to look for “Never going to give you up” if you want to copy the ID for that song.

Finally, choose the music/song from which you wish to copy the ID.

However, you should first listen to a preview of the music by using the play button.

5. Copy the Roblox song ID

You’ll be taken to the song’s website once you’ve selected the song from which you want to copy the ID.

You’ll find more information about the music on the website.

This covers the type of audio, the genres, the date that it was last updated, and a summary of what it is about.

The song’s ID can now be copied.

To do so, simply click on the number at the beginning of the URL.

Suppose the URL is “”

Select “212102642” and hit “CTRL + C” on your keyboard when it has been highlighted.

You’ve now mastered Roblox’s song ID search and copying process!

By pasting the music ID into the boombox, you can now listen to it.

You must buy a boombox from the Roblox store if you don’t already own one.


Roblox’s creator marketplace makes it difficult to copy music/song IDs.

In order to use the Roblox creator marketplace, you must have the desktop version of the game.

As a result, the Roblox mobile app is unable to access it.

In addition, Safari and Chrome are not supported by the marketplace.

Adding your own music is also possible on Roblox.

Navigate to “My Creations” to do so.

Once you’ve arrived, navigate to the left sidebar and select “Audio”.

Simply click on “Choose File” and select the audio file that you wish to upload, and then click “Save.”

Finally, you’ll have to shell out Robux to get the upload (e.g. 20 Robux).

Audio files uploaded to SoundCloud must be under 19.5 MB in size and no longer than 7 minutes in length.

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