God Eater Season 2: Everything We Know So Far+ News

The God Eater video game series is the inspiration for the sci-fi anime series ‘God Eater.’ Shift developed it, and Bandai Namco released it. A post-apocalyptic future when man-eating beasts known as Aragami have driven humanity to the brink of extinction is the setting for both the video game and the television series. Because they can’t be killed with normal weaponry, these monsters aren’t easy to take down. Because of this, a group called Fenrir has developed weapons known as God’s Arcs that are capable of defeating these creatures.

This is a fantastic and engrossing series, and its fans are quite appreciative of it. The people who design and construct these weapons are notoriously badasses known as God Eaters. A portable version of God Eater was launched in 2010 for the PlayStation Portable, followed by sequels in 2013 and 2018 on the Xbox One. The God Eater video game franchise’s fifth anniversary was commemorated by an anime adaptation of the popular game. To be fair, while the show’s aesthetic design was lauded, it was panned for production troubles that resulted in the final four episodes being shown much later than expected. Despite the passage of time since the last season’s release, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of season two, which we now have all the details on.

When Can We Watch The Second Season of ‘God Eater’?

The sequel has yet to get any formal announcements. God Eater’s second season was rumored to be released in the fall of 2019. That, however, did not occur. Season 2 is still a mystery at the time of this update. Because the first season of ‘God Eater,’ which premiered on July 12, 2015, is such a well-known video game brand, we can’t fully rule out the possibility of a second. After the release of God Eater 3 in 2018, the show has access to the additional source material.

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‘God Eater’ Season 2 Storyline

If there is a season 2, viewers should expect Lenka Utsugi to take over as the show’s main protagonist and Lindow to lose an arm in a gory battle with the Aragami. Lindow and Shio may also appear in the second season, as well as a new hero character. There’s still reason to believe that a second season of the popular “God Eater” video game series is on the way.

God Eater Season 2 Release Date

According to unconfirmed claims, season 2 of God Eater was moving swiftly after its premiere and was slated for release in 2017. This was not the case. If the latest speculations are to be believed, a late 2019 release date could be in the cards for season 2, but this is all speculation until the show’s second season is formally announced.

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