How to Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

The public will be able to access your Facebook profile if you don’t alter your privacy settings.

Your posts, stories, and friends will be visible to anybody.

Open the Facebook app > Menu > Settings & Privacy > Settings to adjust your privacy settings.

You can get a lot of profile visitors if you’re really active on Facebook.

You might also want to discover who has looked at your Facebook profile.

You’ll be able to identify your “stalkers” this way.

You’ll find out if you can see who viewed your Facebook profile and how to find out who viewed your Facebook profile in this article.

Can you see who visited your Facebook profile?

Because the app does not allow anyone to track your Facebook profile, you will not be able to see who has visited it.

Despite the fact that Facebook does not reveal who reads your profile, you may post a story and see who has read it.

When you share a story on Facebook, you can see how many people have seen it.

After you’ve published a story, wait a few hours to see who has seen it.

This is the most effective method for discovering who has viewed your Facebook profile.

Keep in mind that only those who have watched your tales can see them.

You won’t be able to see who viewed your tales or their names.

They’ll be listed under “Other viewers” instead.

It means that individuals who aren’t friends with you on Facebook have seen your article.

If you’ve made your tales public, you’ll only see “Other viewers.”

The public will not be able to see your stories if you have set them to private.

How to know who viewed your Facebook profile

You must post a story to find out who has viewed your Facebook profile.

Wait a while after you’ve uploaded a story to see how many people have seen it.

People who read your narrative on a regular basis are the ones who look at your profile the most.

They could be your family or friends.

If you have set your tales to the public, however, anyone can see them.

If someone who isn’t a Facebook friend watches your tale, they’ll be included under “Other viewers.”

Because Facebook does not allow it, you will not be able to see who your “Other viewers” are.

As a result, setting your tales to “Friends” ensures that only your Facebook friends can see them.

To do so, go to Create a Story > Select a Photo or Video > Privacy > Friends > Save > Share to Story.

Can people tell that I’ve seen their Facebook profile?

No one can tell if you’ve looked at their Facebook profile.

Because Facebook does not have a feature for it, this is the case.

There are no third-party apps that track this, either.

As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about accessing someone’s profile because they won’t be aware.

If you view someone’s Facebook story, though, they will be aware of it.

This only applies if you and that person are friends.

You’ll be listed as a watcher under “Other viewers” if you’re not friends with that individual.

The identities of those mentioned under “Other viewers” will remain anonymous.

However, there is a way to see someone’s tale without them being aware of it.

It’s to look at the person’s story via a different account that isn’t their friend.

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Is there an app that tells you who visited your Facebook profile?

No, there isn’t a Facebook app that will tell you who has viewed your profile.

Third-party apps, according to Facebook, are unable to deliver that capability.

If you come across an app that promises to provide such a feature, you must report it.

At the moment, the only way to find out who has unfriended you on Facebook is to use an app.

This is a feature of the “Still Friends” app, for example.

With over 1 million downloads in the App Store and Play Store, it’s a huge hit.

The app provides real-time updates and is as simple to use as a single click.

Second, it offers a simple and user-friendly interface.

Finally, your whole history will be saved and synchronized with iCloud, ensuring that you never lose it.

Keep in mind that the app has no affiliation with Facebook.

Instagram trackers, on the other hand, are more popular because they include a feature that allows you to track your unfollowers.


You can conceal your Facebook images from the public if you don’t want others to look at your profile.

Even if your Facebook page is visited by the general public, they will not be able to read your posts.

You’ll be able to make your Facebook account private in select countries, similar to how you can make your Instagram account private.

If you don’t have that feature, you’ll have to change your privacy settings manually.

It’s unclear whether Facebook will make the feature available globally.

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