Evangelion 4.0: Release Date + Plot + Recap

Evangelion 4.0: Everything we know so far

The last anime film (reboot) of Neon Genesis Evangelion will be Evangelion 4.0 (or Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0). Fans of the series will be aware that the release has been delayed for a long time, having been originally scheduled for 2015.

The deferral was revealed to be owing to the creator’s mental health issues and his most recent endeavor, Shin Godzilla.

Evangelion 4.0 Release Date

However, we will be able to see it this year on June 27, 2020. (if everything goes right). Fans expect 4.0 to tie up with all timeframes as the concluding installment of the rebuild series.


Evangelion 4.0 trailer

Studio Khara has yet to release an official trailer. However, a fan in Japan obtained access to the film and uploaded it to the internet. You may watch a 20-second clip of Eva fighting Eva.

Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo Recap

The plot of Evangelion has gotten a lot more complicated in this remake. Tokyo-3 is in ruins, and humanity is hardly present.

Evangelion 3.0 depicts events 14 years after the Third Impact, a global catastrophe. Asuka and Mari rescued Shinji, the source of the Impact, from the captivity of Eva Unit 01 floating in space.

No one wanted him to be in charge of another robot. Shinji was therefore taken to WILLE, a military group commanded by Misato Katsuragi that was conspiring against NERV. He was wearing a collar that might kill him if he ever gained control of another Eva.

Rei, on the other hand, saves Shinji from WILLE and transports him to the NERV headquarters. After that, he met with his father, Gendo, who assigned him to pilot Unit 13 with Kaworu.

Shinji’s mother was planning a mass extinction with Rei and her other clones, much as Gendo was. He set out on a mission with Kaworu to use the Spears of Cassius and Longinus to undo the Third Impact.

The events culminated in the reawakening of Unit 13, which was ready to unleash the Fourth Impact, a new disaster. Shinji’s cockpit is ejected from Unit 13 by Mari, preventing this. Kaworu also stabs the unit with spears, killing himself in the process. Asuka, on the other hand, saves Shinji from the cockpit.

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Original Airing Guideline

To brush your memory before the release, you can always go back and watch past episodes and movies. Here’s the order based on its release. 

● Neon Genesis Evangelion [1995] 26 episodes

● Death and Rebirth [1997] movie

● End of Evangelion [1997] movie

Neon Genesis Rebuild of Evangelion

● 1.0 “You Are (Not) Alone” [2007] movie

● 2.0 “You Can (Not) Advance” [2009] movie

● 3.0 “You Can (Not) Redo” [2012] movie

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