Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz Season 3

Since its first appearance on August 25, 1939, viewers have been captivated by the film The Wizard of Oz. Good news, considering L’s book. Candid Baum, best known for 1900 young people, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, tells the story of a mysterious Kansas girl who ended up exploring a new world of supernatural powers. The popular film is appreciated by adults and children alike and has helped turn it into a random event, with the exception of Kris Kringle’s announcement and anything else related to Christmas throughout the film.

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With an inspiring film, it is amazing that the creation of the film is full of drama. First, there were four bosses, despite the fact that Victor Fleming linked a large part of the film before he left to complete his future art work, Gone With the Wind. Then, at that moment, he was hospitalized. At the time of recording, both Margaret Hamilton (who played the Wicked Witch of the West / Almira Gulch) and Buddy Ebsen, the first Tin Man, had to look at critical clinical considerations for their cosmetics. Hamilton’s bronze cosmetics were so toxic that he had to maintain his liquid diet, and even worse, while on his way to Munchkinland, he suffered burns for the second time that required much time to recover. Ebsen had to be in the oxygen tent because of his response to his aluminum cones and was eventually replaced (relaxed, continued to make a meaningful difference to the Beverly Hillbillies).

The actors had an amazing shooting plan. “They would take us to the studio clinic and take out sleeping pills,” Judy Garland (Dorothy) later reviewed. “After four hours they would wake us up and give us kicking pills so we could work 72 hours straight. Most of the time we hung from the ceiling, but it was a way of life for us.”

Laurel was not yet the star she was going to be, despite the fact that she had been in a few MGM films until then. Maker Mervyn LeRoy said, “I fixed all of his teeth beforehand. He had wide openings. That was the first thing I could do with Judy Garland.” It is currently recognized that Garland had a very difficult time recording. He had eaten strangely, behaving immorally at the time he set out, until he was beaten by Fleming for laughing a little despite the fact that it was thought he would not be too worried and talk about being cut off for the rest of his life. life. Laurel, then 16, had no intention of becoming a movie star right from the start. Strong legends say that the seraphs confronted him, 10-year-old film industry lover Shirley Temple was a common choice, yet he may not have had the opportunity to sing or the chance of a film contract.

In any case, what’s left today is just a lovely, bright, amazing film that looks successful over and over again. The anticipation expressed in the song “Over the Rainbow” (a song almost cut off from the film) reveals revelations that have been heard by fans for an amazingly long time, “There is no place like home,” and Oprah Winfrey’s song featured above. choice, “Normally you are strong my dear, you just needed to read for yourself.” All the film’s characters were looking for the features they had inside them from the beginning, and perhaps viewers hoped there was witchcraft inside of them that would help them if they needed it most.

At the moment when you want to follow the yellow road, remember the witchcraft film best known for these statements and 50 lines of The Wizard of Oz that will impress you, empower your inner self and leave you feeling confused and happy.

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