CloverWorks’ Promised Neverland is an anime series directed by Mamoru Kanbe and composed by Toshiya Ono, with music by CloverWorks’ Mamoru Kanbe. Manga series written and illustrated by Kalu Shirai and Posuka Demizu are the basis for this Japanese anime series.
A total of 20 tankobon volumes were collected during the manga’s serialization from August 2016 to June 2020. Viz Media acquired the English-language rights to the manga and published it in North America on the web magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. When a group of abandoned youngsters learns the truth about their past and the orphanage’s aim, they devise a plan to escape.
On Fuji TV’s Noitamina broadcast channel, CloverWorks developed an anime television series based on The Promised Neverland. The first season of the show aired 12 episodes between January and March of this year. The second season of 11 episodes aired from January to March in 2021. A live-action film adaptation was released in December of 2020. There is also a live-action series set in the United States that Amazon Studios is working on.

63rd Shogakukan Manga Award in the shnen category was given to the comic in 2018. According to the April 2021 edition of the manga series, The Promised Neverland has a circulation of around 32 million copies, including digital editions. One of the decade’s best anime shows, the first season won acclaim from reviewers and fans alike. Due to its rushed pacing and diminution of the original manga’s plot, the second season was criticized.

Is Norman Dead?

Norman is a math prodigy and a typical Grace Field House kid, significantly above the intelligence of his peers and even adults. In addition, he’s known as a master tag player and a strategic thinker and strategist. When he and Emma learn the truth about the orphanage, they come together to devise a scheme to escape. To keep his family safe, Norman, who is only 12 years old, must be moved out of the country before he turns out to be a full member of society. However, it is later determined that he survived and evaded the demon’s hands, despite his seeming death.

Norman, on the other hand, is still alive and kicking. The series, which is based on the manga of the same name, features an actual Norman, and the plots of both are identical. Even though he isn’t killed off in the anime, his tale is far from ended thanks to a revelation in season 2 of the manga.

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Does Norman Die in Promised Neverland?

Among the 37 children living in Grace Field House, an egocentric orphanage is 11-year-old Emma. They have everything they need to live a happy life: plenty of food, a cozy bed, fresh clothes, fun activities, and Isabella’s love. For Emma, Norman, and Ray, education is a key part of their development, and they constantly perform well in regular assessments. The orphans are allowed to roam freely around the perimeter of the mansion, but they are not allowed to leave the property.

In the middle of the night, Emma and Norman accompany Conny on her “adoption” journey with her favorite stuffed animal. Conny’s corpse is found in front of the orphanage’s gate, and they discover the truth about their stay here: they are being raised as demon meat.

Ray helps Emma and Norman plan a getaway from Grace Field House with their children, but Norman is kidnapped. Afterward, Emma and Ray decide to go with a few of their older brothers and leave behind half of the rest of their family.

Even though the fugitives learn that life outside of Grace Field House is dangerous, they eventually come around and join Emma and Ray in their mission to rescue their fellow Farm children who have escaped. Many monsters assist them in their mission: Mujika and Sonju in particular.
Together with Norman’s allies and the demon queen Legravalima’s mortal manager Peter Ratri, the Farms’ manager, Emma and Ray fight for their freedom. All of the children are eventually freed, and “The Promise” is reforged, bringing them back to the human world, but at a high price.

Where to Watch Promised Neverland?

This Anime is currently available on Hulu for worldwide streaming. On Netflix in India, the first season of the show is available in English with subtitling.

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