Cruel Summer Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Plot and More

Cruel Summer, the Jessica Biel-executive produced Freeform thriller, is now available on Amazon Prime Video in the UK, allowing UK viewers to binge all 10 episodes.

When popular Kate (Olivia Holt) suddenly vanishes, social pariah Jeanette Turner (Chiara Aurelia) assumes her place at the top of the school’s social ladder.

Kate is kidnapped by the school’s vice principal in 1993 and is recovered alive a year later. She accuses Jeanette of seeing her abduction but neglecting to raise the alarm. The series is set on the same day every year from 1993 to 1995.

Cruel Summer is returning for a second season, but the show’s original showrunner, Bert V. Royal, will no longer be in charge of the new season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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This page is for you if you’ve already seen the entire series and are curious when season two will be released. Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming second season of Cruel Summer!

Cruel Summer Season 2 Release Date-

There’s no word on when Cruel Summer will return for a second season just yet, but the show’s official Twitter account did say that it will premiere in 2022.

Cruel Summer Season 2 Release Date

Season two of Cruel Summer is expected to launch in April 2022 at the earliest, following the release of the first season in April.

Cruel Summer Season 2 Cast-

Olivia Holt, Chiara Aurelia, Froy Gutierrez, Jamie Henson, Harley Quinn Smith, Brooklyn Sudano, Allius Barnes, Vince Fuller, Nathaniel Ashton, and Michael Landes are all expected to return for a second season.

Blake Lee, on the other hand, is unlikely to return as Martin Harris because the character was killed off in the first episode and only appeared in flashbacks after that.

Cruel Summer Season 2 Plot-

Both Jeanette and Kate come to realise that Mallory was the one who noticed her through Martin’s window, not Jeanette, whom Kate had accused of seeing her taken and failed to call the police.. The truth comes out later when Mallory admits that she did see Kate in Martin’s window but had no idea it was her.

However, despite Jeanette’s claims to the contrary, we learn at the end of the episode that Kate begged for aid when she broke into Martin’s house in 1994, but she ignored her pleas.

Jeanette and Kate’s reconciliation is likely to be tested in the second series, as the fact that Jeanette was aware that Kate had been kidnapped puts her at risk of being exposed.

Season two is likely to focus on Kate’s relationship with her best friend Mallory, whom she kissed at the end of the season. Is this a one-time fling or the beginnings of a long-term relationship?

Cruel Summer Season 2 Trailer-

There has been no official trailer released by Freeform for Cruel Summer’s impending second season, but the show has teased fans with a quick summary video on Twitter.

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