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‘Cracow Monsters’ (‘Krakowskie potwory’) is a dark and gritty young adult supernatural series created by Kasia Adamik and Olga Chajdas. Will there be a second season of Cracow Monsters? Let’s see what we can find out!

The plot revolves around a monster-infested underworld beneath modern-day Cracow. While Alex’s enigma is at the core of the plot, a professor and his team of nine students attempt to solve a mysterious mystery. Alex drowned his nightmares in partying, sex, drugs, and booze after losing his mother in a horrible accident when he was a child.

Alex’s life, however, takes a new turn after he is discovered by the professor. Alex must contact her mother in another realm and piece together the puzzle as a demon named Hvor unleashes wrath on a modern city. This Polish original series drew a lot of attention once it premiered on Netflix, because of its mythology-based storytelling, intriguing characters, and thrilling atmosphere. You must be wondering if there will be a season two after the cliffhanger finish of season one. If that concept occurs to you, let’s look into it more to see if a second round is possible!

Cracow Monsters Season 2: Potential Release Date

Season 1 of ‘Cracow Monsters’ aired on Netflix on March 18, 2022. The first season consisted of eight episodes, each lasting 49-55 minutes. Here’s everything we know regarding the possibility of a second season. While no official announcement has been made yet, given how the finale of season one leaves the storyline hanging, a second season may be in the works. Netflix normally takes a few months to analyze all of your viewing histories. They evaluate whether or not it makes sense to greenlight a show for the new edition based on this information. If the show is renewed in June 2022, the second season of ‘Cracow Monsters’ will premiere in Q1 2023 or later.

Cracow Monsters Season 2 Cast

Almost all of the main cast members should rejoin if the second season looks bright. They are Andrzej Chyra (Professor Zawadzki), Barbara Liberek (Alex), Anna Paliga (Iliana), Kaja Chan (Hania), and Stanislaw Cywka (Birdy). Maja Chan (Basia), Stanislaw Linowski (Lucky), Mateusz Górski (Antoni), Daniel Namiotko (Gigi), and Malgorzata Bela (Aitwar) also play important roles. Other than that, we might see some new faces in a potential season 2, but it’s too early to speculate.

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Cracow Monsters Season 2 Plot

The battle between worlds is revealed in the first season finale. After learning that she is the reincarnation of Wanda, Alex rushes to stop the shift to another age. Veles’ rule came to an end on the day of the red moon. Alex’s grandmother arrives at the dorm to warn Alex and the other students about the approaching red moon. Lucky’s apparent death had already surprised the others.

If the team recreates the sinking movement, Alex believes she will be able to connect with Wanda. The professor, pressed against a wall, puts Alex’s life in jeopardy, driving her to Hvor. Alex beats Hvor, fulfilling his mother’s prophecy, and the professor saves his son in the ensuing struggle. The guardian deity Alex pays a visit to Lucky, who appears to be still alive, in the last minutes of season one.

If a second season had been planned, it might have been picked up following Hvor’s death. In the climax, a deity appears in front of Alex, telling her that interfering in celestial affairs comes at a high price. Hvor, as horrible he is, is still a deity, and slaying him has ramifications. Season 2 has the potential to push Alex even farther down the rabbit hole, with the appearance of another monster behemoth from Slavic mythology.

We’ll also most likely learn how Lucky resurrects after appearing to be dead in the seventh episode of the first season. Furthermore, magical evil will be more prevalent among the dorm kids. Hania, Basia, and their in-house band may perform other songs. Fans of the genre may rest confident that there will be a more magical charm to keep them enthralled.

Cracow Monsters Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, no information about Cracow Monsters Season 2 has been provided or announced by Netflix as of yet. We have put a trailer from the previous season below for readers who have not followed the tale of this series. Enjoy!

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