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Cheri Oteri Plastic Surgery

Has Cheri Oteri had Cosmetic Surgery? Cheri Oteri has reportedly neither confirmed nor refuted the claims that she has undergone plastic surgery. After making a few red carpet appearances in 2009 while looking noticeably “refreshed,” which is sometimes code for “work has been done,” the internet went into a frenzy tryingContinue Reading

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery

Has Marlo Thomas Had Cosmetic Surgery? In my opinion, Marlo Thomas’s work is too altered to the point where she no longer resembles herself. She’s obviously had too many cosmetic procedures done to her face, including a brow lift, rhinoplasty, veneers, and a facelift. Marlo Thomas, who was born onContinue Reading

Mariah Carey Before And After

Has Mariah Carey had Cosmetic Surgery? Thousands of fans all across the world are wondering the same thing. The photographs are evidence that she has undergone a physical transformation. These may be the result of food and exercise, but it’s not always clear. Mariah Carey is, without a doubt, oneContinue Reading

what is a slovenian divorce dress

As soon as it came out, I went on the hunt for this dress, and I was not disappointed. It’s easy for me to picture myself in this dress because of its one-of-a-kind design. Dresses with bold patterns and bright details are my absolute favorite. This one is stylish forContinue Reading

steph curry parents divorce

Stephen Curry’s parents are part of a growing trend in ‘grey divorce,’ in which older adults in the United States accuse each other of infidelity while ending long-term marriages. Stephen Curry’s parents, Sonya and Dell, announced this week that they are divorcing after 33 years of marriage, which shocked fansContinue Reading

elvis presley funeral

Elvis Aaron Presley is one of the most popular American singers and actors.  He was born on January 8, 1935 In Tupelo, Mississippi, U.S. He is dubbed the ‘King of rock and roll’, He is regarded as one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century. He madeContinue Reading