Can You Use Discord on PS4 Without a Computer?

Discord, a chat app widely utilized in the gaming community, is used by 140 million users every month. Originally designed for voice and text communication, it has subsequently evolved into a popular means of online multiplayer gaming. While Discord is available on numerous platforms, PS4 users may be left wondering if it is truly supported. Is a PC not required to use Discord on PS4?

While a personal computer is required to use Discord, the PlayStation 4 can be used. Until Discord receives official support for the PlayStation 4, you’ll need a PC to play it on and a MixAmp to split the audio. Then you may talk to your pals while playing by uploading your game’s soundtrack to the Discord server.

The PS4’s ‘Party Chat’ feature allows players to talk to one another, but it’s confined to text only, which isn’t always sufficient. Join a gaming group on PS4 and play together with your pals all while using Discord for group voice chat and file sharing. Even though there is currently no app for it, let’s have a look at how you can utilize it on your PS4.

What is Discord?

Discord is a VoIP that works on multiple platforms that allow users to have group voice conversations as well as exchange media and web connections. It’s safe, it’s free, and it works with your computer and your mobile device.

It’s not only messaging service, though. Discord is a communication platform created for groups of people that share the same interests, such as online gaming communities.

It offers servers, which are virtual meeting places where people can discuss common interests like music, art, anime, and more. Users can connect to I servers to listen to and/or talk with other fans.

And because it works across several platforms, you can chat with anyone using Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and other devices. Furthermore, you can host your server and set your own rules, then ask your friends to join.

The program is well-liked by gamers since it allows them to easily communicate with one another, form teams, organize tournaments, and do much more besides. The fact that it’s a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform means that you can do things like screen share and voice chat with your colleagues while playing games.

discord on ps4
discord on ps4

Can You Use Discord on PS4?

Discord isn’t a PlayStation 4 official release just yet. Sony’s “Party chat” app isn’t nearly as robust as Discord, despite the name. Players of the Playstation have long demanded improved customer service.

In May of 2021, Sony and Discord stated that they will be working together to create an app. The majority of players are still awaiting an announcement on the worldwide deployment, even though there have been some developments for PS4 and PS5.

MixAmp, meanwhile, has proven to be a workaround for those who wish to use Discord on PS4. With a MixAmp, you can control the sound for both your games and your Discord conversations on your personal computer or PlayStation 4.

The process requires minimal time and effort on your part, in addition to a few simple adjustments in settings and some low-cost equipment. The only drawback is that a personal computer is required for this method to function. In the following, you’ll find a comprehensive guide to installing it.

How to Use Discord on PS4

To use Discord, which is not sold in the PS4 store, you will need to purchase a MixAmp. When you plug your headphones into the MixAmp, the amp separates the sound into two channels: games and chats.

The game audio will be played through both your headphones and the PC, while the chat audio will only play through the PC.

You may mix the audio, keep the chat audio on while gaming, or keep the chat audio on while having a group call on Discord with the help of Astro MixAmp (available on Amazon). Volume and other audio parameters can also be adjusted with MixAmp.

The MixAmp will channel your headphones’ microphone into your Discord conversation. But since you’ll be talking to each other on Discord instead of the game itself, this will prevent you from interacting with other players in-game.

Although this may not bother some, those who wish to participate in in-game chat through PS4 will need to purchase a separate microphone.

Here’s how to set up Discord for PS4.

Things You’ll Need

  1. PS4
  2. PC or Mac
  3. Astro MixAmp (on Amazon)
  4. Headphones (on Amazon) with both 3.5mm optical and USB jacks
  5. Male to male 3.5mm audio cable (on Amazon)
  6. 3.5mm to 3.5mm Aux cord with volume control (on Amazon)
  7. 3.5mm Aux splitter (on Amazon)
  8. Ground loop noise isolator (on Amazon) (This is optional)

Connecting Discord on PS4

A Discord account is required to participate at this stage. To that end, if you currently possess one, it’s fantastic! If you haven’t already, you’ll need to sign up for service through your preferred method of access (web browser, mobile app, etc.) before moving on. You’ll need a lot of patience; the procedure is complicated and drawn out.

Step #1

  • Once you have a Discord account, open the apps section on your PS4.
  • Go to “web browser” and search for Discord. It’ll open the web version of Discord on the screen.
  • Log in to your Discord account using the credentials you created earlier.

Step #2

Now you have to connect your MixAmp with the PlayStation. To do that:

  • Turn on your Astro MixAmp and set it to console mode.
  • Connect your PS4 to the MixAmp with the optical cable.
  • Then connect your headphone’s optical cable to the MixAmp input 3.5mm audio jack.
  • Plug an auxiliary audio cable into MixAmp’s aux input. A ground loop noise isolator may also be used in place of a direct connection between the Aux port on the MixAmp and the Aux wire. The computer is where the other end of the Aux cable will be connected.

It is not required that you use a noise isolator. MixAmp picks up ground electrical noise when playing back audio from a computer, resulting in a hissing sound. If you don’t mind some background noise, you can skip this step and attach the Aux to MixAmp straight.

  • The next step is connecting the USB cable from MixAmp. The USB end will connect to the MixAmp, and the other end will go to the PC. Make sure it’s set to PC mode.
  • Next, connect the PC’s speakers to the MixAmp with a 3.5 mm male-to-male cable.

This completes all the cable connections. Next, we’ll have to configure some settings.

Step #3

PS4 audio settings:

  • Go to Settings in your PlayStation, scroll down to ‘Devices,’ and open ‘Audio Devices.
  • Change the Input Devices to ‘USB Headset.’
  • Change Output Device to ‘TV or AV Amplifier.
  • Now go back to the setting menu and open ‘Sound and Screen’.
  • Go to ‘Audio Output setting’ and change the Primary Output to ‘Digital Out (Optical).’

Step #4

Here are the steps for setting up Discord audio on your PC:

  • Open Discord through your browser and sign in.
  • Click on the gear icon on the top left side of the window to open “Settings.”
  • Under Voice and Video, set “Input Device” to MixAmp and “Output device” to PC speakers.

You can now join your PS4 gaming pals in real-time voice and text chats on Discord.

The PS4 game and the PC voice chat will both be broadcast to your headset. The MixAmp’s wheel allows you to regulate the volume of both your in-game chat and the game itself. If you wish to chat with friends on Discord, for instance, you can lower the volume of the game stream and raise the volume of Discord.

How Do You Screen Share Your PS4 On Discord?

Using Discord’s voice chat features while playing is possible with the MixAmp setup, but the PS4’s display cannot be shared. To accomplish this, you can use the PS4’s “Remote Screen” function to transmit the footage to your computer. The “Remote Screen” can then be shared with Discord users via a web browser.

PlayStation & Discord Integration

Discord has skyrocketed in popularity among PlayStation owners because of its abundance of features that facilitate multiplayer gaming. People have been begging for a time now for the two platforms to work together.

Sony and Discord announced their alliance in May of 2021, and on January 31, 2022, the long-awaited process of integrating Discord into PlayStation began. It’s still in its infancy, and the upgrades are currently limited to users of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in select territories.

Although Sony hasn’t rolled out all of the capabilities everywhere just yet, users will soon be able to share their gameplay streams, listen in on friends’ live streams, and participate in voice chats with pals on Discord servers by simply providing their PSN ID.

Hopefully, Sony will make the most of Discord’s capabilities and give its users an amazing experience.

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