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“Cake” on FXX is a comedy anthology series featuring bite-sized comedic segments selected from a mix of live-action and animation. In the adult animation series, pieces of varying lengths are featured from new and veteran content producers, animators, and storytellers, all of whom contribute to the exploration and expansion of the genre of comedic material. The plots range from the downright funny to the downright dark.

After five seasons, the comedy show has established itself as a leading source of high-quality, short-form material. Many critics were impressed with the series’ new direction and inventiveness as well as the show’s original cast of characters. The first episode of the show aired on that date in the year 2019. And now the anthology show’s followers must be eagerly anticipating the next episode. Everything we know about the upcoming sixth season of ‘Cake,’ then, is listed below!

Cake Season 6 Release Date

Season 5 of FXX’s ‘Cake’ debuted on September 30th, 2021, and concluded on December 9th of that year. A total of 10 22-minute episodes make up the fifth season’s runtime.

There is currently no information about the upcoming season 6 of the show. However, the show’s five-season run has been a huge success because of the show’s wide range of stories and subject matter. As a result, a new version is not out of the question. The show’s anthology structure ensures that the show’s creative minds will never run out of material. A sixth season is also more likely because of the wealth of fantastic short content available on cutting-edge channels like Instagram and Vimeo.

Even in this digital age of experimental material, FX Networks’ creative heads have spoken out about this series’ importance. As a result, we anticipate the start of a new campaign relatively soon. Cake season 6 might arrive as early as the second quarter of 2022 if the show is renewed shortly.

Cake Season 6 Cast

The cast of the fifth season comprises an impressive lineup of artists. Ikechukwu Ufomadu appears as himself in ‘Words with Ike.’ Katy Fullan, Carrie Barrett, and James O’Halloran star in ‘Chowder.’ Tony Revolori (Ernesto), D’Arcy Carden (Tanya), and Ron Funches (Kevin) lend their voices to their respective characters in ‘Poorly Drawn Lines.’ Branson Reese lends his voice to the titular character in ‘Swan Boy.’ Gary Richardson (James) and Ana Fabrega (Bit) appear in ‘The Dream.’ Similarly, if renewed, season 6 may feature an entirely new batch of artists for live-action and animated segments.

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Cake Season 6 Plot

Several thought-provoking comedies make up the fifth season. Reza Farazmand’s ‘Poorly Drawn Lines’ follows three best friends as they navigate the complexities of adolescence in a fantastical universe. It is a story of a twenty-year-old swan who has medium intellect, which sets the stage for all his mishaps in Branson Reese’s ‘Swan Boy’. While the protagonist’s innocence and silliness are explored in this novel, the backdrop varies from actual life to the allegorical realm. ‘The Dream’ follows Bit and James as they make their first home purchase as a married couple. After a series of setbacks, they begin to comprehend the depth of the issue.

If the show is renewed, new animated and live-action shorts will be included. Season 6 may bring comedic shows that push the boundaries of the genre and raise the bar even further, following in the footsteps of the previous five seasons. The content of the show demonstrates that the creators place a high value on unique and previously unheard voices. Because of this, we may anticipate seeing a slew of exciting programs in season 6.

Cake Season 6 Trailer

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