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Bordertown Season 4 – Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Everything We Know So Far!

bordertown season 4

bordertown season 4

Bordertown returned on May 11th, 2020, with Season 3 of the show. Bordertown is a gripping crime thriller set in Finland. The show follows the adventures of a detective working out of a quieter town where he aspires to lead a peaceful existence free of crime. After a serial killer goes on the loose, the detective’s life goes back to normal. Thrilling cases are scripted into every Bordertown season, and they’re all neatly tied together to form a compelling narrative.

No wonder Netflix was so intrigued by Bordertown’s success that Season 3 premiered with rave reviews. In anticipation of Season 3 of Bordertown, fans are eagerly awaiting any information regarding Season 4’s potential and status.

Bordertown Season 4 Release Date

On the 11th of May, 2020, saw the release of Bordertown Season 3 on Netflix. However, the season premiered on December 1st, 2019 on YLE TV1. There were eight episodes in total. However, it’s worth noting that neither Netflix nor the original broadcaster, YLE TV1, has stated when the fourth season of the show will air.

There will be the fourth season of Bordertown coming to Netflix in August 2021. Season 3 of Bordertown got off to a good start, which means that the chances of a fourth season are increasing. The Covid-19 pandemic may delay the season premiere of Bordertown.

Bordertown Season 4 Cast

Ville Virtanen portrays the title character, Detective Kari Sorjonen, in the film Bordertown. The role of Pualiina is played by Matleena Kuusniemi. Bordertown revolves around Matleena and Ville. In addition to them, Bordertown Season 4’s supporting cast includes:

Season 4 might likely witness some of these roles apart from the lead characters.

Bordertown Season 4 Plot: What We Know So Far?

In Season 3 of Bordertown, Kari Sorjonen is on a mission to solve some mind-boggling mysteries. When Kari Sorjonen discovers a pattern in the cases he has solved, he makes a breakthrough. In addition, the most recent serial killer challenges the detective’s abilities and puts up a strong fight. Things could get out of hand in Season 4 after Lasse Maasalo’s return to the town.

Season 4 of Bordertown will heighten the intrigue surrounding Sorjonen’s efforts to identify the serial killer. The town and the detective’s family are suffering as a result of the serial killer’s heinous crimes. Additionally, there will be several other exciting cases to keep the detective’s interest. Will the detective’s professional career be put on hold if he gives in to the demands of his personal life? In other words, we may be in for Bordertown Season 4 to be the final season, or we may see more of the detective and the crimes he investigates in the coming episodes.


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How Many Seasons of ‘Bordertown’ On Netflix?

Kari Sorjonen, a detective inspector in Finland, is the focus of the story in Bordertown. Small-town crime in the Russian border town of Bordertown is depicted in a gruesome light in this film.

It is in Lappeenranta, South Karelia, where Detective Sorjonen begins his career. He and his family decide to leave the city and move to a small town near the Russian border in search of a quieter existence. However, nothing goes exactly as planned.

The stories in Bordertown are told throughout two episodes each season. As the series progresses, characters who first appeared in earlier episodes become more integral to the plot.

So, how many Bordertown seasons are available to watch online, and where can you watch them?

The first three seasons of Bordertown are available to stream on Netflix, and there are a total of 31 episodes to be watched.

In February 2017, Netflix acquired the rights to stream Bordertown in the US, Canada, the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Netherlands. YLE Teema in Finland airs the series as well.


SEASON 1 (2016)

  1. The Dolls’ House, part 1
  2. The Dolls’ House, part 2
  3. The Dolls’ House, part 3
  4. Dragonflies, part 1
  5. Dragonflies, part 2
  6. The Fury, part 1
  7. The Fury, part 2
  8. The Lady in the Lake, part 1
  9. The Lady in the Lake, part 2
  10. The End Game, part 1
  11. The End Game, part 2

SEASON 2 (2018)

  1. Five Finger Exercise, part 1
  2. Five Finger Exercise, part 2
  3. The Rite of Spring, part 1
  4. The Rite of Spring, part 2
  5. Cat’s Cradle, part 1
  6. Cat’s Cradle, part 2
  7. The Bloodmaid, part 1
  8. The Bloodmaid, part 2
  9. Without a Shadow, part 1
  10. Without a Shadow, part 2

SEASON 3 (2019-20)

  1. Human Stain
  2. The Human Beast 1/2
  3. The Human Beast 2/2
  4. Sons and Lovers 1/3
  5. Sons and Lovers 2/3
  6. Sons and Lovers 3/3
  7. The Lady in the Looking-Glass 1/2
  8. The Lady in the Looking-Glass 2/2
  9. Chess Story 1/2
  10. Chess Story 2/2

Bordertown (FI) Season 4 trailer

At the time, the presented below video trailer is very precisely to the upcoming part of the mystery drama crime. The official teaser will be uploaded near the release date.

About Bordertown (FI)

This detective, who is a master of disguise and investigation, decided to relocate to the small town to spend more time with his family. In the end, he finds himself entangled in a web of gruesome murders.

Bordertown (FI) Season 4 premiere date and schedule

The number of episodes in Season 4 will remain unchanged at 10. Once they’re released, they’ll be available on Yle TV1 on demand. On Friday, November 26, 2021, a pilot episode will air. In this table, you will find a more detailed episode list:

Episode NumberYle TV1 Release DateEpisode Name
4X01November 26th, 2021Episode 1
4X02November 26th, 2021Episode 2
4X03November 26th, 2021Episode 3
4X04November 26th, 2021Episode 4
4X05November 26th, 2021Episode 5
4X06November 26th, 2021Episode 6
4X07November 26th, 2021Episode 7
4X08November 26th, 2021Episode 8
4X09November 26th, 2021Episode 9
4X10November 26th, 2021Episode 10
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