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Blue Spring Ride Season 2 is one of the anime series that many fans have always been strong for, especially people who love the shoujo genre. Known as the Ao Haru Ride in Japan, it is based on a manga with the same name, named and represented by Io Sakisaka. Creation I.G. is a studio behind anime variety. The first season was broadcast in 2014, and it was recorded in 12 episodes. In addition it has excellent projects, such as Yuki Kaji (Attack on Titan), Maaya Uchida (Hamefur), Ai Kayano (SaeKano), and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Sword Art Online).

The year 2021, we have actually heard nothing about Blue Spring Ride Season 2. So it is far? Here is what we are accustomed to.

Will there be Blue Spring Ride Season 2?

Unfortunately for us, there is no official announcement about Blue Spring Ride Season 2 yet. From the speech we read, both mangaka and Production I.G. I have not yet found a re-launch of the new season. It conveyed an unpleasant taste to us as the shoujo manga is very popular and deserves the continuation of the anime.

However, there is trust. By the time the manga editing is complete, there are several stages to be covered for season 2. From the data we have collected, Production I.G. (Ultraman, Moriarty The Patriot, and Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045) prepared one section for each episode. Currently, there are 53 sections, grouped into 13 volumes. So lack of content is not a problem here. The first season is also wrapped up with open perfection, which makes it easy to continue the story.

We want to remember that the end of manga can be a two-way agreement. Variations of anime are often used to develop a manga or a simple book. It is often used to drive deals as well. The end of the series could be the inspiration for why Blue Spring Ride doesn’t need to be next season.

In fact, no data is wasted. In addition, the prominence of the series and requests from fans may help you to make it happen later. In line with these lines, please do not think about it yet.

Blue Spring Ride Release Date Season 2

As we said above, we actually need to hold on tight to Blue Spring Ride Season 2, so we can’t give you a specific date. It depends on Production I.G., too, whether they are interested in getting it again or not.

Blue Spring Ride is an old anime series, which premiered seven years ago. However, it does not mean that he lost all hope. We have a lot of situations where a more established anime series gets reverted to another season. In addition, if Production I.G. he has no desire to get it again, different studios may continue the series. Along with these lines, Blue Spring Ride Season 2 could return to the grave.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Blue Spring Ride Plot

Futaba Yoshioka is different from his friend; he does not want to be well known to young men. After all, he was drawing a lot of fans back in middle school. Therefore, she was avoided by most of the women in her group.

Then, at that point, she tries to recreate her image in high school, starting to do non-feminine things to young men. By doing so, he eventually made some “friends.”

Futaba’s life takes another turn when he reunites with his first love, Kou Mabuchi, who dropped out of school. Kou, whose surname was Tanaka, changes into a completely different person, now he is cold and not ugly. Despite this, Futaba actually wishes to return to the relationship they had in the past. After the meeting, at that point, he chooses to make some significant progress in his life.

The Blue Spring Ride follows Futaba’s journey to pursue true love and friendship while remaining unchanging.

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