Best Smart Rings For Sleep Tracking

The use of smart rings to monitor one’s sleep pattern is gaining popularity. Smart rings are less intrusive than fitness trackers or smartwatches, and can be worn on any finger.

Smart Rings, much like standard fitness trackers, feature an array of sensors that allow for the monitoring of vital signs like heart rate, HRV, VO2 Max, respiration rate, and body temperature. Having this information at hand might shed light on your sleeping habits and point you in the direction of solutions to any problems you may be having.

We’ve compiled a list of the top-rated Smart Rings for sleeping patterns monitoring. Reddit user opinions, web evaluations, and our own hands-on time with a few of these rings all played a role in this compilation.

Top 7 Smart Rings for Sleep Tracking:

  1. OURA Gen 3
  2. Prevention circul+
  4. Circular Smart Ring
  5. Movano Ring
  6. THIM Smart Ring
  7. Motiv Ring (Discontinued)

OURA Ring Gen 3:

  • Price: About $300
  • Battery Performance: About 7 days
  • Size:
  • Memory:
  • Colors: black, gold, silver, or stealth (matte black)
  • Companion App: Oura

If you want a smart ring that tracks your sleep but isn’t the cheapest choice, consider the OURA Ring.

It has a number of sensors that record data as you sleep, including your heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing, temperature, and finger movement.

The ring itself is a convenient dumb tracker. The OURA app is where all the action is, as it analyses your sleep data and gives you useful insights to better sync your sleep with your circadian rhythms.

Additionally, you may learn more about their sleeping habits and the potential influences on their restful slumber by dividing their sleep into several phases, such as light, deep, and rapid eye movement.

Using this data, steps can be taken to enhance slumber.

A person’s bedtime routine or sleeping environment may need to be modified if, for instance, they are not receiving enough deep sleep. The app does provide helpful suggestions, such as advising you to avoid ingesting coffee or alcohol in the hours leading up to night.

The readiness score, which keeps tabs on how well rested you are during the day, is intimately tied with the sleep score. Not just that, but also with the recovery score, a metric that measures how effectively you’ve recovered from physical exertion.

Blood oxygen saturation levels can also be monitored with the Oura Ring (SpO2). The detection of sleep apnea, a potentially fatal disorder, is a huge step forward.

While we won’t go into specifics, suffice it to say that OURA is now our favourite sleep and recovery tracker because of its comprehensive approach.


Prevention Circul+:

  • Price: About $300
  • Battery Performance: About 16 Hours
  • Size:
  • Memory:
  • Colors:
  • Companion App:

By mimicking the success of Oura, Circul+ has been making waves in the smart ring industry. While Oura and Circul+ are both reasonably priced, there are no ongoing fees with the former. Because of this, Circul+ is a better choice for those looking to save money.

When comparing Cicul+ to Oura, sleep tracking is where the two devices really shine. The smart ring monitors a wide variety of data points to give you in-depth analysis and personalised suggestions for how to enhance the quality of your nightly slumber.

The ring rests smoothly and unobtrusively on your finger. The software not only provides you with the information you need, but also has a fantastic user experience that is both intuitive and visually pleasing.

Similar to the Oura app, this displays your sleep cycles, heart rate, skin temperature, and SpO2 levels, as well as the Oxygen Desaturation Index (ODI). The ring is designed to help you have a better night’s sleep by providing you with unique data and suggestions, but it can also help you identify health issues including sleep apnea, hypoxemia, and COPD (COPD).

Wearable technology expert Michael Sawh has compared the Cicul+, Oura, and Polar and found that their readings are “very nearly equivalent.”

Prevention Circul+ smart ring review



  • Price:
  • Battery Performance:
  • Size:
  • Memory:
  • Colors:
  • Companion App:
Sleepon, like many other Chinese manufacturers, is offering the GotoSleep smart ring at a very reasonable price. There are a variety of sensors on board for monitoring your health, including sleep quality.

Please be aware that this product typically takes more than 2 weeks to arrive and that, while having a 1-year limited warranty, you will be responsible for covering the cost of shipping if you need to make use of the guarantee.

While you sleep, the ring records and analyses data from ten different physiological variables, such as your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep stages, breathing patterns, and more.

The smart alarm is a great addition because it monitors your sleep cycles and wakes you up when you’re in a light sleep phase. You won’t have to worry about the sleepiness and grogginess that usually follow the use of a standard alarm clock.

The accompanying app provides in-depth analysis of your sleeping habits and tailored recommendations for improvement. It also keeps track of your results over time, which might be useful for seeing how well your new sleep routine is working.

The low price, however, is the ring’s main selling feature. The GotoSleep ring is a great option if you want to start tracking your sleep but don’t want to break the bank doing so.

Circular Smart Ring

Circular, like Oura, was funded through a Kickstarter effort and is promoted as a more cost-effective option. The smart ring can be pre-ordered today, with expected shipment sometime later in 2018.

Our research tells us it will be able to monitor the same parameters as the Oura ring, but at a more reasonable price.

This intelligent ring will measure three aspects of sleep: duration, depth, and circadian rhythms.

Similar to other fitness trackers, this one uses a tagging system, detects deep and REM sleep, and includes a recovery score in its analysis of sleep quality.

How much sleep you get is controlled by how long it takes you to fall asleep, how often you wake up during the night, how disturbed you are, and how long it takes you to go asleep.

Lastly, the app’s intelligent assistant, Kira, will give you advice on how to adjust your sleeping and napping schedules to work in harmony with your circadian rhythms, resulting in increased efficiency and a speedier recovery.

The app will also monitor your sleep patterns over time and alert you to any changes that may be cause for concern.

We will update you on the real-time functionality and precision of the Circular Ring as soon as it is released.

Movano Ring:

The Movano Ring, the most anticipated Oura Ring rival, is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2022 or the first quarter of 2023. As part of CEC 2022, the corporation is showcasing a preview of its new design.

The rings will come in a variety of designs and hues, with an emphasis on health and exercise. Sleep, activity, and heart rate monitoring will continue to be its primary applications. the same as the OURA and the Circular.

Movano just needs to show its accuracy when compared to the current industry standard. It will compete strongly with Oura in terms of design.

Motiv Ring:

Oura had some formidable competition in the form of Motiv Ring, but in 2020, digital identity’ bought them out.

You may get the smart ring for a good price from most online marketplaces, but you should be careful because there is no firmware support.

This ring’s sleep data isn’t nearly as sophisticated as that from the Oura ring. Simply said, it logs how long you sleep, when you go to sleep and wake up.

Given how simple the sleep data is, the only reason this made our list is because it still delivers what it promises. This smart ring is going to be replaced as soon as one with more useful functions becomes available.

THIM Smart Ring:

This smart ring does not feature any health-related sensors like the others on this list. Instead, it monitors your finger movements to determine when you fell asleep.

The app’s data includes tracking of sleep stages, sleep efficiency, and the amount of time it takes to fall asleep.

The lack of vital signs and temperature sensors has really turned us off. This is a naive oversight because these sensors are vital to delivering reliable sleep metrics.

Once again, we’re highlighting this ring because there are so few alternatives on the market for smart rings (even if you take out sleep monitoring from the equation).

Final Verdict:

Oura Ring Gen 3 is still the best smart ring when it comes to tracking sleep. It is accurate, comfortable, and has a lot of features that are not available on any other smart ring.

However, we will still keep our eyes on Circular and Movano

as they have the potential to dethrone Oura in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Smart Rings vs Fitness Tracker for sleep Tracking (OURA vs Fitbit)?

While most activity trackers are designed to be worn around the wrist, smart rings are designed to be worn on the finger. With this, we can create a sleeker, less obtrusive design that yet meets all of our needs.

To get the most accurate readings on your fitness levels, a fitness tracker is preferable over a smart ring because of the former’s lack of powerful sensors.

The battery life of most smart rings is lower than that of fitness trackers, so they may need to be charged more regularly.

It’s important to note that a good smart ring will set you back at least $250, making it more expensive than the majority of activity trackers.

As per the specific comparison between Fitbit Vs OURA for sleep tracking, Fitbit comes at the top for its better accuracy, detailed analysis, and affordable price point.

What are the rings that can track your sleep?

As the smart rings market is currently monopolized by OURA, there are not a lot of options available as of now.

  1. OURA Gen 3
  2. Prevention circul+
  3. Motiv Ring (Discontinued)
  4. Circular Smart Ring
  5. Movano Ring
  7. THIM Smart Ring

Due to Google’s acquisition of the parent company, production of the Motiv Ring has ceased. While the Circular Smart Ring and Movano Ring won’t be available until later this year (at the earliest), you may place a pre-order for both right now.

Due to the fact that GO2Sleep originates in China, the delivery time may be extended.

If you want a smart ring that monitors your sleep, your only (and best) choice is OURA.

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