Astra Lost In Space Season 2| Recap, Release date, Plot, cast, trailer | Canceled Or Renewed? All The Latest Details!

Astra Lost In Space Season 2 is one of the most anticipated space anime shows. Due to its exceptional content, the first installment was a huge success. The film’s plot is fairly straightforward, and the film’s production studio did an excellent job with it. Additionally, there were some fantastic OSTs to enhance the viewing experience. Fans are eager to see more of it, as a result of this. Is there going to be more of this anime? If you want to know more, keep reading.

Lost in Space, or Kanata no Astra is a Japanese sci-fi space anime series. It is based on the manga series by Kenta Shinohara. The Lerche animation studio was tasked with creating the animation for the film’s debut. On July 3, 2019, the premiere episode was aired. On September 18, 2019, the series came to an end after a successful run of twelve episodes.

Astra Lost In Space Season 2 Renewed Or Canceled? 

Anime fans and critics alike were enamored with the first episode of this series. Viewers from all over the world gave it a standing ovation. This show’s outer-space visuals were stunning, and the character had a lot of depth. Nobody had a chance to express their displeasure. As of this writing, it has a MyAnimeList rank of #388 and an 8.13 rating. In addition, the series has a large following, with more than 226K members in its MAL group.

It should have been renewed by now based on its ratings, reviews, and popularity. But the only problem is that Lerche studio has already exhausted all the available source material in the first season of the television series. This means that Astra Lost in Space Season 2 won’t be renewed until the mangaka has decided to create a sequel.

Recap Story: Astra Lost in Space Season 1

There will be a time in the year 2063 when space travel is possible and economically viable. For their Planetary Camp, a group of students from Caird High School travels to the nearby planet McPa. Shortly after they arrive on the planet, the nine children are greeted by an intelligent, unimaginable sphere of light. As a result of this, it attacks and carries them to the farthest corners of the universe. Floating in the vicinity of an unknown planet, they come across an abandoned spaceship.

After assessing its condition, they decide to use it as a means of transportation back to their starting point. To get back to Earth, they’ll have to travel 5,012-light-years. To do this, they plan to travel to worlds where life already exists to replenish their supplies. To get home, they’ve named their ship Astra and are setting out on a long and perilous journey. In the course of the journey, they discover new aspects of themselves and strengthen their relationships.

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Astra Lost In Space Season 2 Release Date

Despite the popularity of the show and its fan base, they are eagerly awaiting the sequel. There isn’t enough material in the studio’s vaults to adapt for the following season. The mangaka, on the other hand, hasn’t given us any hints that they’ll be making a sequel.

A second season of Astra Lost In Space will not be possible due to a lack of material. Given the current state of affairs, a new season of the anime series appears all but certain to be canceled. Astro Lost in Space only has OVAs for couples episodes, as far as we can tell.

Astra Lost in Space English Dub:

The English Dub of ‘Astra Lost in Space’ is available on Funimation.

Astra Lost in Space Characters:

Kanata Hoshijima

Known for his athletic abilities, Kanata is a member of the B5 team and a teenager. In the future, he serves as captain of the spaceship Astra. He has extensive knowledge of space thanks to his father, who instilled in him a love of sports. As a child, he always aspired to be a captain of his ship and travel to the far reaches of space. He has a lean muscular build and is a respectable height for his age. His short spiky brown hair and hazel eyes give him a sharp look.

Aries Spring

Aries is the show’s main female protagonist, and she tends to change her mood frequently. Some days she acts like a complete airhead, while others she gets fired up and starts acting like a real smartass. Many times, she also tries to please everyone and makes an effort to make friends with every one of the people she meets. She has bright pink hair, green eyes, and a smile that spreads across her face most of the time.

Zack Walker

Zack For Astra to fly, Astra must be the only member of the crew with a space pilot license. He has a higher IQ than the rest of the crew and, like Kanata, aspires to travel to the far reaches of space. Since his father works on the same biotechnological project as her mother, he’s known Quitterie for a long time. It’s not uncommon to see him with a grimace on his face when it comes to his demeanor. With piercing light-colored eyes and short silver hair, he also wears glasses.

Quitterie Raffaëlli

Quitterie, the daughter of a well-known doctor, is a spoiled rich girl. She has a hard time trusting anyone but her best friend, Zack, who she has known since she was a child. She eventually becomes the ship’s doctor. When she was younger, her mother didn’t spend enough time with her, resulting in a lack of trust. This is revealed in one of her backstories She wears a purple hairband to keep her long blond hair in place. Beautiful deep purple eyes, and a slightly tanned skin tone.

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