Ashley James Instagram wows in beautiful flower dress as she leaves Jeremy Vine and admits she feels ‘mum responsibility’ over missing her child’s immunization hits

Ashley James cut a typical smart figure when she left Jeremy Vine’s studio in London on Wednesday.

Coming out wearing a stylish floral dress, the former Made In Chelsea star, 34, blossomed as his day approached.
After wrapping up Wednesday’s program, Ashley took to Instagram to admit she felt ‘guilty’ over the fact that she was not with her baby when she received her vaccination that morning.
He actually shared: ‘My baby was vaccinated when I went out earlier today. Mother’s important responsibility! ‘

Ashley agreed at the end of the recording, in which she analyzed articles that were tested on Jeremy Vine that day.
Ashley wrote: ‘We have to talk about a few interesting topics such as teachers deserving of compensation – I say OK I think they do and we really want to help people who have a responsibility to educate our people in the future).’

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He further added: “And whether West Ham was right to play animal cruelty Kurt Zouma last night.
‘I would not care if I thought he was a respected footballer, clubs should show that footballers are free from the rules that everyone follows. What kind of message do you convey to individuals that you treat the creatures and then release?

“I want to believe that you are responsible for all the rules and I hope the fans will continue to ask for the best, as we have seen in David Goodwillie and Faith Rovers, it does not make a difference what he is like in football.

‘Those helpless females, and her helpless baby see the abuse of the animal (It seems to affect the minds of young people who see abuse).’
The busy mother closed: ‘We also talked about whether pregnant women should make their own choices about their knocks, obviously I said YES loud!

‘Let individuals praise their bodies and their amazement and not surprise anyone, stop trying to impress women with the way they dress.

‘At the moment I am set to try to fix my head (I have not drunk so much my lord I have brain pain, I am going down!) And see my baby vaccinated when I go out today. . Mother’s important responsibility! ‘
It comes after Ashley took to her Instagram record to share a real post about self-esteem that ensures she will shake up the weight loss industry.

Last month, a TV star sent a collection of photos to his 317,000 followers, writing the caption: ‘Real change is inside, not outside.’

The star was wearing the same panther print swimsuit in the two photos, three different years, with the following photo showing her baby body after the baby Alfie.

In a 2019 legacy photo, the blonde beauty explores how she could take care of herself while seeking comfort with alcohol.
Ashley has revealed that she has never been happy and ready for anything on her skin.

Opening the official post, he wrote: ‘I will just say it. Health and satisfaction have nothing to do with weight loss.

‘Certainly, there are situations in which people need to be prepared for health problems and losing weight for them is difficult and should be fully commended.
‘It’s like there are situations where weight gain is important in life and it can be difficult and that should be commended.’

The TV star continued: ‘Yet what I am referring to here is the relentless lies that we have put before our food industry.

‘For each person who brings cash to your instability. Especially in January. Satan is binding, but the food industry is honest. ‘

‘Withdrawal will not make you very happy. Fasting and combining your body’s digestive system is a painful cycle that will always lead to self-loathing.
‘Losing weight does not guarantee happiness, confidence, love outwardly, and it is far from ideal.’

The mother of one child then highlighted a DVD of good health and healthy eating habits, writing: ‘We often see pictures of depressing people having their bellies removed without make-up, and after that their change depends on the same dress, breastfeeding. in, with full hair and makeup.

‘I have a few celebrities who have made these DVDs of a meal plan and come out years later saying they are hopeless and thinking twice about it. THEY WERE SORRY selling your happiness.
‘Also I was thinking about my change in the last few years. The opposite is what the food industry needs to accept. ‘

The force to be reckoned with went on to say how he sought solace in alcohol after an unruly relationship: ‘In the summer of 2019, I was dating someone who was completely out of touch with me. He yelled at me.

‘I followed him to reach a conclusion. However, I did not need a conclusion because the signs were there.

“And if I was self-conscious, I should not be chasing someone who didn’t need me anywhere.

‘I looked good and was praised for my body language, yet I had no fear, I did not like myself, I hit the bottle hard every night with the final result of a fall (I would be happy myself if I did not drink one day a week) – I was not strong, or sure, or happy.’

Concluding her post Ashley said: ‘And in the meantime, my body has changed, yet my satisfaction and value do not depend on external approval. I look at my body, feel confident, and realize that I am worthy of love and that I do not tolerate any mistreatment. ‘

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