Apple’s 15.5-inch MacBook Air rumoured

Recent rumours have provided a glimpse at the updated Apple Mac Studio and MacBook Pro models that will be introduced in the second half of 2019. According to DSCC’s Ross Young, a whole new MacBook Air model will join the lineup of speculated Mac releases for 2023.

According to the expert, Apple may introduce a new, larger MacBook Air with a 15.5-inch display. Further, Young claims that this updated version may debut in the upcoming spring (March – June 2023). Previous sources have discussed a 15.2-inch screen for the forthcoming MacBook Air model, as 91Mobile points out, so we should treat Young’s assertions with caution for the time being.

It has also been reported that the M2 or M2 Pro will be used beneath the hood of the Air models, suggesting that the business is planning to increase the Air’s processing power. Apple refreshed the MacBook Air portfolio earlier this year, so fans may have to wait a while for the rumoured 15.5 or 15.2-inch variant.

Foldable iPads also rumoured

In addition to larger MacBook Air models and rumours of an iPhone 15 Ultra, there have been numerous reports of Apple entering the foldable category with a 10-inch iPad and a massive 20-inch foldable MacBook.

Rumors and assumptions tend to run rampant whenever an Apple product is in the spotlight. We anticipate that the company’s tradition of keeping the details of its future offerings under wraps will continue beyond 2023.

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