Annamia Eriksson Double Horn

Annamia Eriksson plays a long call from Richard Wagner’s Siegfried in double horn.
Annamia Eriksson was brought to the world in Sweden in 1980 and begins about 2002 with the head of the Horn at the Royal Opera in Stockholm, Sweden. This video was recorded there.

Annamia Eriksson

Despite the introduction of the valves, the single F-horn appeared to be strong enough to be used at very high altitudes, where the parts developed approaching each other, making accuracy an unusual test. The premise was actually to use a high-pitched horn – – usually level B.
The double horn combines two tools into one box: the first horn with an F, and the second, high horn placed in level B. By using the fourth valve (used by the thumb), the horn player can switch from deep, warm F-horn to high, even brighter B-level horn tones.

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