‘All The Old Knives’: Information About Chris Pine’s Upcoming Film

The CIA and leaked information are at the centre of All The Old Knives, a conspiracy thriller that takes us to Vienna, California, and England. Filmed in Copenhagen and written by Olen Steinhauer, it will premiere on Prime Video in April of 2022, and features a star-studded line-up, including Chris Pine, Thandiwe Newton, Laurence Fishburne, and Jonathan Pryce as well as acclaimed Danish director Janus Metz.

I highly recommend this if you liked the Amazon Prime Video thriller Reacher recently. What we do know about Amazon’s All The Old Knives is as follows:

‘All The Old Knives’ Release Date

On April 8th, 2022, All The Old Knives will be available on Prime Video for the first time in the United States, as well as in select theatres.

‘All The Old Knives’ Plot

All the Old Knives is a spy thriller with an old-fashioned conspiracy at its core. CIA veteran operative Henry Pelham (Chris Pine) is tasked with finding a mole among his former office colleagues at the Vienna station after the agency discovers one of its agents leaked information that resulted in the deaths of more than 100 people.

all the old knives

From Austria to England to California, his investigation takes him back and forth between the two countries, where he is reunited with his ex-lover and former colleague Celia Harrison (Thandiwe Newton). In this riveting tale of global espionage, moral ambiguity, and deadly betrayal, the pair are forced to blur the lines between their profession and their personal lives.

‘All The Old Knives’ cast — Chris Pine as Henry Pelham

Chris Pine portrays Henry Pelham, a veteran operative. This film is expected to be full of action, fighting, and tense situations due to Pine’s heroics throughout his previous films.

As Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984 and the D&D film, Chris Pine has previously appeared in a number of superhero films. In addition to playing James T. Kirk in the rebooted Star Trek films from 2009 to 2016, he also starred in A Wrinkle in Time and Rise of the Guardians. However, in 2003, he had his breakout role in the hugely popular US medical drama ER.

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Thandiwe Newton as Celia Harrison

Thandiwe Newton, who portrays Henry’s former CIA colleague and ex-lover Celia Harrison, joins Chris Pine in All The Old Knves. As Maeve Millay, an android in Westworld, an HBO/Sky Atlantic sci-fi series, and as DCI Roz Huntley, a BBC One police procedural, Thandiwe (sometimes credited as Thandie Newton) is a British television star. Beloved, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and W, in which she played US National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice, are among her other notable roles.

Who Else is Starring?

Laurence Fishburne and Jonathan Pryce have also been cast in All the Old Knives. Since his role in Apocalypse Now, a Vietnam War drama, in 1979, Laurence has had a long and successful acting career.

The cast also includes Jonathan Pryce. Brazil, Evita, and Tomorrow Never Dies have all featured Jonathan Pryce as the lead actor. Wolf Hall’s Sir Thomas Wolsley and the High Sparrow in Game of Thrones were both played by him. For the final two seasons of The Crown, he will portray Prince Phillip alongside Imelda Staunton as the Queen.

Corey Johnson, David Bedella, Colin Stinton, Nasser Memaza, Orli Shuka, and Abdul Alshareef round out the cast of All the Old Knives.

‘All The Old Knives’ Trailer

Please check back here (early March) to see when we post the trailer for All the Old Knives, which Amazon Prime Video has assured us is imminent.

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