What Is Aka Ms Yourpc? www.aka.ms/YourPC- Your Phone Companion App for PC Connection

During its autumn event, Microsoft revealed new Surface PCs and announced the availability of Windows 10 October 2018 Update. Which of these new features do you consider to be the most crucial? The Your Phone programme allows you to easily transfer data between your PC and mobile device.

Images taken on a mobile device can be transferred to a computer by simply dragging and dropping them into the desktop. You may also copy web pages from your mobile device to your computer and either view them immediately or save them to your Action Center for later.

Your computer’s Timeline is also accessible from your mobile device, albeit this feature is still in beta. Screen Mirroring is the most useful function because it displays your smartphone’s display on a computer and permits you to control it from there.

This week, Microsoft announced(Opens in a new window) that the Your Phone software on a PC will support notifications from Android phones.

Microsoft really wants these features on iPhones, but Apple fiercely guards its ecosystem.

Android allows for a greater degree of customization than iOS does, down to the level of altering the Launcher, the app that serves as the phone’s main interface. Using this transparency, Microsoft’s Your Phone app succeeds where others have failed by seamlessly connecting the mobile and desktop worlds.

Find out how to use the computer programme Your Phone to send and receive pictures and text messages. Although the Windows 10 upgrade is being sent out gradually, getting it now is easy with these steps.

What Is Aka Ms Yourpc?

The AKA/MS Link: When you enter https://aka.ms/yourpc into your browser, a clone of your phone is made and made available to you on your computer. This website will allow you to make a clone of your Samsung, Windows, or Android phone so that you can use it on a larger screen.

Excellent and highly recommended for Windows 10 users. Our discussion will deepen as we explore the specifics of linking your phone to a computer via the Microsoft Link Phone.

Go to www.mslinkphone.com for a comprehensive guide on how to link your phone to a computer.

If you updated to Windows 10 after the close of 2018, you should know that aka.ms/your phone will already be installed on your device. But if that’s not the case, then do what’s listed below.

If it is already on your phone, it may simply be referred to as “your phone application.” Access the features of your mobile device from your computer.

It appears that the link to www.aka.ms.your phone is broken on this page.

If you are having trouble using the Phone Companion app or My Phone Buddy on your computer, it signifies that you have not updated your system since 2018, and you will need to do the following steps to fix the problem.

This article will show you how to install the mobile app on a PC running Windows 10. The web address, or personal computer, is included.

Launch Your Phone’s application and sign in

The Your Phone app for your computer should have been downloaded once you updated the October 2018 Update (if not, get it from the Microsoft Store).

Fire it up on your PC and log in using your Microsoft account details. If you input your phone number, the app will send a download link to the Your Phone companion app to your phone.

Install the application Your Phone Companion.

Download the Your Phone Companion app from the Google Play store at www.aka.ms/YourPC using the link in the text message we just sent you.

Sign In using Mobile

If you already have a Microsoft account set up on your computer, you may use that to sign in to the mobile app. Do whatever the software asks to allow it to access your photos, files, SMS messages, and calls.

Enable Images and Messages

To allow the Your Phone PC app to show images and text messages from your phone, toggle the corresponding switches in the Settings menu to the on position. Next, the phone will send a notification requesting permission to do so.

Photos From Mobile Device to Computer Instantaneously

Soon after snapping a photo with your mobile device, it will appear in the Your Phone app on your desktop. The Photos app is launched when the tile is double-clicked.

You can’t get to the actual file itself because it’s stored in the Photos app’s cache, but you can save it and then drag the thumbnail into another app like Word.

As is often the case with digital media editors, the image appeared reversed. You’ll need Wi-Fi for this function, however it doesn’t have to be the same network as your phone.

Messages on the PC

Seeing as you have already allowed Message sharing in Settings, head to the Messages section of the Your Phone app on the computer. You can think of this function as a beta version.

Again, you tell the programme to alert the gadget to enable texting. Your Phone is an app that syncs with your phone and displays your text conversations there once permission is given.

The testing of this feature confirmed why it is now in beta. When I tried to read messages on an iPhone, I could only open ones from my computer or Android phone.

When messaging another Android, the messages functioned on all three devices; however, there was a substantially longer wait than regular texting.

The second problem is that PCs’ People programme does not sync with Your Phone’s texting capabilities. Nonetheless, if you keep track of all of your contacts through your phone, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The ability to send a text message straight from the People app would be very helpful. You can start a text message conversation on Your Phone by entering a number, but only Android contacts may be searched for and retrieved using their names.

Android Timeline for Windows 10

Windows 10 Timeline, which debuted with the April 2018 Update, is a replacement for Task View that can show not only multiple desktops but also tiles for recently used apps and your browsing history. Having the ability to quickly recall a specific page or document I accessed within the prior several days has come in very handy.

The Microsoft Launcher for Android (currently in beta) has a feature that lets you view the timeline from your computer on your mobile device.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the Launcher’s Google Play page, you will see an option to opt into the preview version. After a brief delay, you are enrolled, and you must then update to the app’s beta version.

A new Timeline tab has been included on the homepage, joining the News and Glance sections. My experience with the Asus Zenphone was positive; I was able to open Word documents and revisit previously visited websites on my home computer. However, I was only able to see records for Edge and Office; actions taken in other PC applications, such as Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps like Microsoft Photos, are not shown.

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