5 Best Android Auto Alternative for your Car

It is estimated that nearly 72% of the population around the world use cars as a mode of transport. With such a huge part of the population depending on cars for their transportation, it weighs immense pressure on the car manufacturers to produce cars that are efficient and also, well connected with technology like android driving apps.

Most of the car manufacturers are trying to integrate android driving app technology into the dashboard to make driving safer and easier.

One such technology that is pretty evidently seen in cars these days is Android Auto from Google, a technology that makes your car driving experience easy, safe, and fun.

Android Auto

The first version of the Android Auto service was released by Google mainly to facilitate easy and safe navigation services. The native Android Auto technology also had features apart from navigation like the voice assistant and music control represented with bulk icons as a part of the User Interface to make it much easier for the driver and the passengers to operate the service.

Over the years, the Android Auto service has fairly improved in terms of software and UI and many application developers are offering support to Android Auto with their applications. The technology has improved so drastically that you can now even watch YouTube videos on your android auto. Here is a quick guide to help you watch YouTube videos on android auto.

Google has been updating the Android auto service to make it more convenient to use and if you have been using the Android auto service for a considerable amount of time now, we need not stress on the fact on how useful it is to your driving experience.

Sometimes, it is known that Android Auto might seem a little monotonous and that is exactly why you need to consider these Android auto alternatives. Suppose you are not happy with the quality and the usability of Android Auto. In that case, there is no harm in considering the android auto alternatives that are available in the Google play store. Maybe you would like them more than Android auto.

5 Android Auto Alternatives

So, when it comes to the alternatives of Android auto many will help you in experiencing the same user-friendliness that android auto offers. Some of the alternatives to android auto have more features, making them a possible choice to prefer when it comes to the technology of your dashboard console in your car.

Here is a detailed review of the top 5 best android auto alternatives that you can prefer for your car.

1. Drivemode: Safe Driving

The Drivemode safe is an application that does not have a lot of features and services as the Android auto does, but it makes your navigation experience seamless and perfect. The application is backed with a User interface that is simple and to the point. The inclusion of big icons to support the UI and a powerful voice assistant makes it more interesting.

The application comes with a very good interaction layout that will help you control the services that are in use. You can navigate from one service to another without much effort, thanks to the simple and meaningful UI that backs the application.

Overall, the Drivemode: Safe driving is an application that is made for users who prefer to go simple with their application for their dashboard console in their cars. When it comes to Drivemode Vs Android Auto, the application lacks support with certain services like Spotify and other similar applications which don’t have to be a big deal as it gets the basics done right with perfection.

2. AutoMate Car Dashboard

AutoMate car dashboard is an application that has been in the play store for a very long time now. The native version of the AutoMate dashboard did not have much exciting features, but over some time, it improved quite drastically in terms of providing services with a clean and smooth user interface.

The highlight of the application is that you can choose your default music, navigation, and calling application so that you do not have to settle for the default applications that most of the dashboard consoles come with.

The Automate car dashboard also comes with a voice assistant that is as similar to the Google Assistant to help you navigate at ease. You can also set the frequent applications that you use on the front page of the application to access them instantly and add shortcuts as well. They also come with gesture controls to control the music that you play with the application.

This is an application that mirrors all the qualities of Android Auto with the inclusion of the hands-free voice command option as well. If you are looking to change your dashboard console application without missing out on much of the features of Android Auto, this is the best choice for you.

3. Waze

Waze is an android car dashboard app that has been in the competition for a very long time now and it is hands-down better than Google maps. Surprising? Here’s why.

Waze is backed with the latest navigation software frameworks that are much better than what runs google maps. The features that are available in terms of navigation make it an application that you will fall in love with almost instantly.

Waze helps you in finding the best alternate route in real-time to make sure that you reach your destination on time. Adding to that it also has a feature that alerts the driver that he/she is passing through a toll gate area, police checkpoint, etc with which the driver can slow down accordingly.

Trust us, this feature is a boon when you are out cruising, especially on the highway. To make it a more pleasing android auto alternative, Waze also comes with a feature where you can integrate Spotify and listen to your favorite jams as you drive.

If you are tired of the Android auto experience and you are looking for something new and fresh, Waze should be your choice.

4. Car Dashdroid

Customization is something that you will not find in Android Auto and if you are a person who loves to customize, Car Dashdroid is the best android driving app. Out of the many Android auto alternatives, Car Dashdroid is the only application that allows you to customize your car’s dashboard console.

With Car Dashdroid, there are no limits to customization as you can arrange all the services in blocks according to your preferences. If you want the music player to be at the top and the contacts to be at the bottom or vice versa, it is possible with Car Dashdroid. The list does not stop there, with Car Dashdroid you can also change the themes that are displayed and also find themes that suit your vibe.

You can make the dashboard console perfectly yours with complete customization making it more fun and convenient to use. It also comes with the standard voice assistant with which you can navigate without taking your eyes off the road.

If you are a person who loves customizing and keeping things according to your preference, Car Dashdroid is the best option for you.

5. Dashlinq – Car Dashboard Launcher

The Dashlinq is a service that is exclusively built for two major things, mainstream navigation and helps you in using different types of music services like Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and much more. The Dashlinq on the outset has a pretty minimalistic design that will help you to use it properly and effectively.

The UI of the android car dashboard app launcher is backed up with bold icons that will help you to navigate and use the application more effectively. Apart from all the inclusive services, there is one more thing that you can find in Dashlinq, a web radio mode.

The web radio mode plays the radio using the internet connection. Overall, Dashlinq- Car dashboard launcher is a simple application that will help you with navigation and run your favorite playlists from different music streaming accounts.

The application comes with a voice assistant as well to help you navigate through traffic and also read out loud your text messages, which is a little annoying when you are in the car with family and friends.


These are the top 5 best android auto alternatives that you can find in the Google Play Store. All the details concerning the performance and the user-friendliness of all these alternatives to android auto have been mentioned.

Make sure to know your requirements before you choose any one of these applications to make sure that you don’t feel odd while using any one of the mentioned Android auto alternatives.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

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