4 Simple Solutions To Fix Dotted Circle iTunes Problem

In This Article: The article covers few fixes for dotted circle iTunes or iTunes dashed circle. Users get to see the problem while syncing music files to iPhone or iPad. If you are also facing the same problem, then this article might help you to know the possible fixes.

4 Simple Solutions To Fix Dotted Circle iTunes Problem

If you are using iPhone, then you can’t simply ignore iTunes. iTunes is the software that was launched way back in 1999. You can do lots of stuff from iTunes like you can navigate music files stored on the computer.

You can play, stop, rewind or fast-forward the music file that is stored on Apple’s computer. If you have iPhone, then you need iTunes to sync apps, ringtones, music, movies, podcasts, photos to your iPhone or iPad.

However, recently we have noticed few users complained about phone sync problem. Several users are finding it difficult to drag the music files from iTunes (desktop) onto a connected iPhones. Users have also claimed that several times the files that are sent via iTunes doesn’t copy the iPhone.

Users are noticing a strange dotted circle iTunes. So if you are also facing the grey dotted circle on the left column then you need to know the possible fixes. Well, users are noticing the problem while syncing the music files, some music simply won’t sync.

Well, some online users are naming this iTunes dotted circle as Dotted Circle Of Death. So, without wasting any time, let’s know what you can do to fix out the dotted circle iTunes problem.

Solution 1:

Open up the iTunes and delete all the files which carry the dotted circles beside the name. Just select all and delete it.

Next, you need to go to the ‘Tunes’ Library, here you need to drag and drop the files. Now you will see your audio files will be copied.

Now select all the audio files and drop it over your Device. You will find your device name on the left panel of iTunes.

Solution 2:

The dotted circle iTunes also occurs because the “manually manage music and videos” feature is disabled. Therefore, check whether you have enabled the “manually manage music and videos” box.

If you have enabled the above option, then try to drag it over to your music on your device. Music files should sync.

Solution 3:

Check whether your device is running out of space. This type of thing mostly doesn’t happen. However, that doesn’t mean it will never. So, you need to check whether your device has enough memory space to put the playlist.

If your device doesn’t have enough space, then you need to clear some space on the device to transfer any music files.

Solution 4:

If all of the above steps failed to fix out the dotted circle on iTunes then you need to Reset your iPhone, iPad or iPod to factory settings. However, to do this you need to properly back up your device.

You can use iTunes to create a Backup for your device. For backup, you need to follow this guide from Apple, and to restore as a new device you need to follow this guide. After restoring as a new device, make sure to restore the backup which you have created earlier.

This is how you can fix the dotted circle in iTunes. Hope this article helped you to fix out the problem, share it with others also.

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